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Work Outifit

Hey dolls! Hope you had a great week..Well mine was so so. Still job hunting between so i practically do the same thing all day every day. Eat, sleep (only at night), see a movie, surf the net, apply for jobs. Yes! that’s all i do and in this exact manner. Hopefully i get a job soon before i loose my mind. Luckily am not the type that gets bored alone, i kinda entertain myself. Anyways, i wore this outfit to an interview last week, was running late so i had to make a decision quick. Its just a regular top, a pant and a shoe. Initially i thought the outfit wouldn’t come out nice but it did. What are thoughts?

I tried a pink lip stick not sure i like it. #Teamredlipstickforever





And that’s my tripod stand

 Have a lovely week!



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