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Uniformly Casual

How to pull the school girl look

This outfit got me channelling my inner schoolgirl. It reminds me of my secondary school uniform – the skirt is almost similar although paired with a light blue shirt, dark blue waist coat and we had to undergo the torment of wearing a red beret and tie every other day for 3 years. I hated my beret because no matter how fashionable I placed it, it never looked good on me. Very unflattering!!! And you dare not be caught without the beret or tie.

My uniform was a bit tight – a little bit tight I promise and short just above my knee but was still considered short to some ‘over sabi’ teachers. I’ll never forget the day I was interviewed in the staff room for a prefect position – I was asked to turn around by one annoying teacher so every other teacher could see how tight my skirt was. Totally uncalled for! I felt as though the ground should swallow me. But that was then, I couldn’t be bothered right now… I’ll gladly turn around and literally turn the staff room to my run way.

Bet of course, this is an upgraded school girl look, it is more chic, casual also with an edge.  There are ways to pull off a school uniform-inspired look without being a total cliché. I definitely recommend playing around with different colours, textures, and cuts to figure out what looks best on you and suits your personal style. I think you can also take a simple schoolgirl outfit that looks otherwise typical and make it a lot more unique with your own accessories and makeup.
In my case, I added a touch of my personal style by putting on the hat, bag, strapped sandals, and sunglasses which changed the overall look entirely and made it more me which is what every outfit should do ultimately.
So Believe me

if i had a school this would be the school uniform

Photo Credit: Cherie
School girl inspired fashion

School girl inspired fashion

School girl inspired fashion

How to wear burgundy and blue

Cheek bone popping!!!!

School girl inspired fashion

School girl inspired fashion

How to pull the school girl look

How to pull the school girl look

How to pull the school girl look

School girl inspired fashion

School girl inspired fashion

How to pull the school girl look

How to pull the school girl uniform look

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  • <cite itemprop="author">Celestine</cite>

    Nice outfit

  • <cite itemprop="author">Timibosschic</cite>

    😍😍😍gorgeous … Really uniformly casual😍😍 effortlessly stylish🙌🏼

  • <cite itemprop="author">Lola</cite>

    You look great!

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  • <cite itemprop="author">Ada Anyagwa</cite>

    Looool 😂😂😂 I’m guessing that ‘over sabi ‘ teacher is Miss Oyana . Good old days it was. Your fashion sense tho 🙌🏽

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Lol y’all think it’s Mrs Oyana 😂😂😂😂…. It’s Mr Apata …. Thanks dear

  • <cite itemprop="author">Ada Anyagwa</cite>

    Mr Apata 😒 The woman wrapper. Never liked him, still do not.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Mallory</cite>


    XO, Mallory //

  • <cite itemprop="author">Biki</cite>

    Guuurl, love the shot when you have one leg up and tucked behind the other and you’re looking to the right, serve it to us haaaawney! This is mos def an upgraded school uniform, and digging the colour coordinating. Have an awesome wkend hon ( :

  • <cite itemprop="author">Fiso Moyo (CPA)</cite>

    you look so good love the combination of the colours

  • <cite itemprop="author">Yvonne</cite>

    Secondary school teachers wahala… Lol

    Lovely photos dear.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Meron Dymphana</cite>

    This post made my night and it’s 2am in Kenya so it’s morning. Am sorry for all that you went through though, I totally feel your pain because I was once there too. I love how you styled the uniform inspired look, it is chic and edgy and I hope the school that you’d want students to dress this way would be a fashion design school,lol! Total slayer!

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Lol … It has to be a fashion design school 😂😂😂😂… Why you up at 2am though.. Get some rest girl! Thanks love always..

  • <cite itemprop="author">Wendy Adhiambo</cite>

    The cheekbone is indeed popping hun! Our uniform was almost similar I think ours was blue pleated skirt, red half sweater and a white shirt with a red tie and back then we really hated the mixture of red and blue but little did we know that outside school these colours could be this great!
    I love how you styled everything and girl you posing like a profi
    Enjoy your Week hun

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Hehe …. I’m slowing becoming a pro 😂😂😂…. Thanks dear

  • <cite itemprop="author">Sogie</cite>

    Everything was short for teachers…don’t mind em
    Love the outfit, so chic and love the addition of the cap

  • <cite itemprop="author">TANG</cite>

    DOPE!!!! I swear school uniforms are bleehhhh! Especially in Nigeria. I would definitely rock this, you look so chic.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Oluchee</cite>

    I totally see the school girl look and then the advanced chic look! There is a wide gap believe it or not. You look great dear

  • <cite itemprop="author">ChicStyleCheck</cite>

    If school uniforms were as cool as this, I’d be glad to wear it all-year-round

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