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The Romper


Believe me when i say i cant place my feelings for rompers/Jumpsuit a.k.a playsuits (Lets call them “rompsuit” for the purpose of this blog post ). Its tough love baby, tough love!. Arrrgghhh! First, getting this particular romper on and off was a huge problem for me as it doesn’t have a side zip to make matters even worse. I literally had to beg my sister to help pull one hand out. It was a struggle! .  Then again, the thought of finding myself in the situation where my bladder decides to suck at a being a bladder… Lets just say it’s impractical when nature calls.

Regardless, this fashion piece is an all time quintessential grab and go staple: Just pull it on, pair with your favorite accessories, and you’re good to go! it’s not hard to “make it work” for any occasion and could be worn all year round. Cool innit? Either you love them or hate them, whatever feelings you’re feeling are about rompsuits, we ladies cant deny the fact that this chic item is currently setting trend on various levels in the fashion world and is here to stay. They are chic, versatile, easy to style, fits almost every body shape, flattering, smiling, and comfortable. What’s there not to love really?

For a more polished look, i added a belt in the contrasting color. Since its a printed fabric, i went with a solid belt. Please drop a comment if you think rompsuits are the trend of the season. Also, i would love to hear you not very practical romper a.k.a jumpsuit a.k.a playsuit situation if you’ve ever experience one.









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Photo Credit: My kid sister. *phew had photographer trouble again. But she came to the rescue (shes just here for the holiday ). However,  i couldn’t even complain as shes quick to get out of the photographer mood and say she’s not snapping again. All through the shoot i was just praying the pictures come out ‘ok’..  I guess they did but not as i would have love them too. #ungreatfulsister

P:S- Am feeling much better. Thank God!

Thanks for the Love guys. I’m Humbled


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