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The Jumpsuit

Asides the fact that jumpsuits are impractical when nature calls, I hate to love them and I’ve wanted one as long as I can remember. This particular one is not what I envisioned ‘the jumpsuit’ on me as I’ll prefer a monochrome piece that will accentuate my figure and preferably a flared well tailored bottom…You feel me!    Sadly, this doesn’t really hit the spot for me but hey it still looks great – errmmm I think… Allow me to introduce you to my very first jumpsuit. I actually found this piece at a very very very cheap sale price even though at the back of my mind I wasn’t sure It will fit let alone look good on me, I decided to try it on anyway after all  it was at a give away price. At las, It came home with me and I even bought it in 2 colours.

Coincidentally, the location fits perfectly with my outfit. I couldn’t be happier – trust me, using an amazing and beautiful location acts as the backdrop and brings so much energy, personality and visual boost to the photographs. Although, Its just a door then again it more than just a door in the eyes of a photographer. As you can see I was walking back and forth, trying to get ‘fashion blogger pretending to be walking and totally ignoring the camera walk’ but to no avail.
I shall get it some day.

Photocredit: Cherie











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