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Happy New Month!!!!! I know I know I’m 6 days late but let’s just blame it on Exams. I had exams this week, coupled with work and moving to a new place its been hectic but hey, I can’t complain I owe only gratitude to God because its been him all the way. Regardless, I feel sad that my blog always has to be the sacrificial lamb but I promise to be more consistent as I’m officially on summer break until September. Yikes!!!

So! Can we all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the Blue dress???? Three things I love about this dress is; Its versatility, as it could be worn for different occasions (office, dinner, casual event or any other event), two its colour, cobalt blue (also called royal blue) was my favourite colour not until 2 days back when Mustard finally captured my heart and three the asymmetric flare detail. While some colors do not suit all skin tones, Cobalt blue and blue generally is a universally flattering and vibrant colour that is both easy to wear and style. Blue is not just pretty but it’s also the one color you could make a bold statement without looking like a total attention seeker. This dress was sent to me by New chic, I absolutely love the style and the belt also gives the dress an edge. Newchic is an online boutique that sells clothes at affordable prices. However, cobalt blue is a color that looks richer on finer fabrics (such as chiffon, silk) rather than cheaper materials. Tbh, I’m not too impressed with the fabric quality of this gorgeous dress. Regardless, if you want to look fab on a dime you should definitely check out NewChic online store.

A few cobalt blue styling tips:
When going with monochromatic cobalt, pair the eye-catching shade with neutrals like nude, white, and black.
For a more emphatic statement, combine cobalt with a bright opposite, like yellow, coral, turquoise, teal, sky blue, mint, and pink.
The versatility of cobalt blue makes accessorizing your playground. Silver, gold and rose gold jewelry look stunning against this color. Wearing several pieces of jewelry looks fab and chic
Patent nude pumps or heels with cobalt blue pants or dresses for a polished and effortless look just like I look. [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin-2″ wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] I enjoyed every bit of this shoot even if I felt the pictures weren’t clear enough for the blog. I was literally crushing on myself all through.. lol
I like to think I’m not vain but just got too much self-love. What do you say!!
I appreciate all your comments on my previous post.
Photo credit: Kolls Photography

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