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Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been quite MIA, I’ve been bumped with so much work and deadlines to meet. Hectic much! I hope you are having a good week already. Looking great can be easier than you ever thought possible. The monochrome look is a classic if you get it right (i believe i did ).
In the past years, we’ve heard some negative reactions when it comes to the monochrome look, we all avoided being too “matchy-matchy” as it was such a fashion no no. But fashion doesn’t really change, it revolves. I believe once upon a time matchy-matchy was a trend that died a peaceful death and has now resurrected as a show stopper.
In fact, wearing a monochrome look has never been more appropriate, with bold colors and prints reigning supreme. Wearing only one color can simplify any wardrobe indecision, but it’s the way you coordinate and layer the pieces that really counts.

So sweetie, I hope i have been able to convince you that the fashion police wouldn’t convict you of being all matched up in one color. Embrace the trend because it’s here to stay till it dies again.
Do you like my all teal monochrome look? Please I’d love to know your thoughts.
Thanks all the beautiful comments. I’m Humbled

198Twinning with the sofa
197What exactly was i looking for though???

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