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Summer Days in Dubai

‘Me waiting for the sun to go down like…’

I don’t think ‘hell is leaking’ is the most appropriate word that can describe the kind of summer HEAT the UAE is experiencing. Few days back, it was about 50 degrees in some part of the country and I hear its going to get hotter. Lord have mercy . bruh! I live in a desert. Good thing is every where is fully air conditioned so the chances of one getting roasted in this heat is slim.

However, for someone like me that ‘sweats like a goat’ (Nigerian slang) it isn’t very easy taking the blog pictures. Even when the sun is down its still hot but what can I do other than keep blogging. The heat gat nothing on me!
Anyways, the weather defines my outfit most days, so for this burning weather, its advisable to wear something very light, loose and comfortable. For my multicolored silk dress, I paired it with black sandals just to tone down the colors a bit.

p:s-  The pictures appeared really dark and I was sweating profusely thanks to the almighty sun. While editing I found the different color variations pretty cool.

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