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Stripes with red


Hey cuties!! How y’all doing?  great i guess. This is just a simple post been a bit down with fever and flu but am gonna be just fine by the grace of God.. My outfit is the usual stripes and red combo. I feel like you can never go wrong with red. Such a beautiful color not my fave though but my fave if not only lippy color. In my head, the other colors do me no justice even if my friends and fam think otherwise.  (I can hear my mums voices saying: “The one you’ve put is enough.. Make up artiste” ). Am literally married to red lipstick till death do us path. What other colors would do a striped dress justice??? Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below. Thanks so much for reading.

Do have a lovely weekend.

I packed my hair backwards… I never ever dooo!!


so the shoe kept pulling off and its my exact size. I got it on sale from nine west as usual i got the black too ….





Love always.


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