Spring has sprung

Hey loves, spring (as they say) has sprung!… well in every other part of the world cos I don’t know for sure if we can classify this UAE weather as spring but hey lets just enjoy the moment and go with the trend…As usual, I couldn’t think of the perfect post title which is totally nerve racking but it comes with blogging sooooo Tega, deal with it!
Another problem is the fact that I love to be more creative with naming the post but nothing comes through. I’m certainly not alone and yes this is not my first time complaining.

Anyway, spring ‘eventually’ popped up and I thought I’d be the perfect name. Owing to the fact that social media and bloggers have been going on and on about how spring is finally here, time to break out some of the bright, cheery spring fashions and officially stash away all of the tights, blacks, neutrals, grey and blah basics. Fortunately, my outfit is a bit of colour matchy matchy and who would have though pink will actually go with green. Many thanks to colour blocking!

i’ll just leave few tips on how to dress this spring:
keep your outfits interesting by layering with lighter fabrics.
Tone down on heavy winter colours such as black and grey.
Opt for lighter neutral shades such as caramel,cream and soft pastel colours. Incorporate pastel shades in blue, peach, and mintcolour into your wardrobes. They look great anchored against white and grey basics.
Aim for bright colors, floral and patterns to give your outfit some style.
Freshen up your spring look with coloured blazers.
What do you think and what will you be wearing this spring?
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spring outfit

spring outfit idea


spring outfit idea

spring outfit idea

spring outfit idea


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