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I am passionate about personal growth, so very often i feel the need to better myself, the need to improve on my ‘little’ creativity and certain areas of my life. As regards, i have been doing a whole lot of research most especially the blogging aspect. I want to go way beyond my present state. More so, the world is moving in a fast pace, 24 hours aint enough no more. We hardly settle in say a new trend or technology and boom! another one is out. Another strategy, another idea or another creative mind has done the unusual again. Too fast to handle yeah? but life’s too short not to keep up with its pace.

Believe you me, there is never an end to the journey of self improvement. The more you grow, the more you realize there is so much out there you don’t know, so much that you have to learn. Shout out to all creative minds out there, i need too tap just a tinny whinny bit from your creativity to enhance mine.  Anyway, my point is we should all seek the need to improve and better ourselves especially if you not a creative genius, there is always something about ourselves we can improve on. The human potential is limitless, so it’s impossible to reach a point of no growth. Whenever we think we are good, we can be even better. Enough said! now back to my outfit. [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin-2″ wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”]

Pure coincidence indeed! I had planned this outfit for the blog since forever but then i find a ‘finer’ outfit and just throw this back into my wardrobe. Poor dress [wp-svg-icons icon=”sad-2″ wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”sad” wrap=”i”]! So i decided to take pictures and coincidentally the outfit matches with the location. How perfect! I love this dress because of the flare and the belt. Any thing that insinuate my waist i go for. Hence the love. and of course i had to pair it my yellow shoes. There’s no Tega without a pop of color. Literally!

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84The Beyonce Stand!!! hehe.

83Caption this!!


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