Playing with colors

Color blocking might not be big this season but Tega doesn’t go by the rules nor follow the trend. Almost everyone is heading towards minimalistic outfits which I really do love but wearing vibrant colors is an instant mood lifter – for you and for everyone around you. It is energizing; it is inviting… so play with color, experiment, have some fun – and while at it do not pair more than 3 colors except you wanna be visually distracting and liken to a rainbow.
I just want to drop this here and focus on work before my boss catches me. [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”wink-2″ wrap=”i”]
Have a great week loves!!

P:s – I love how slim this outfit makes me look but does slim looks good on me??? Been chubby all my life so I’m kinda in a dilemma of remaining the chubby girl everyone knows or shedding more weight…Tbh, I want best of both worlds ‘slim thick’ as the refined social media craze generation will call it. [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy-2″ wrap=”i”]

Ok bye!








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