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Playing with colors

Color blocking might not be big this season but Tega doesn’t go by the rules nor follow the trend. Almost everyone is heading towards minimalistic outfits which I really do love but wearing vibrant colors is an instant mood lifter – for you and for everyone around you. It is energizing; it is inviting… so play with color, experiment, have some fun – and while at it do not pair more than 3 colors except you wanna be visually distracting and liken to a rainbow.
I just want to drop this here and focus on work before my boss catches me. [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”wink-2″ wrap=”i”]

Have a great week loves!!

P:s – I love how slim this outfit makes me look but does slim looks good on me??? Been chubby all my life so I’m kinda in a dilemma of remaining the chubby girl everyone knows or shedding more weight…Tbh, I want best of both worlds ‘slim thick’ as the refined social media craze generation will call it. [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy-2″ wrap=”i”]

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  1. You have a gorgeous body and this pencil skirt compliments it so well. I understand. I was slim and recently gained a bit of weight and the struggle to either embrace the curves or slim down again haunts me everyday especially because cupcakes are so delicious. You look so stunning!

  2. This is such a lovely pairing, girlie! I adore the color combo and the pieces look great combined, such great styling! I think you look fab as you are, but I encourage you to embrace what will make you feel confident in your own skin 🙂 I hope you’re having the best start to your week so far, gorgeous!



  3. OOooh, this skirt’s a fab fit and colour girl: keep it for LIFE! The below the knee cut is very flattering and to hell with Minimalism, give me colour any day! ( :

  4. Hahaha!! Tega does not go by the rules for sure!! I love the mixture of olive green and mustard, I never thought it would work but thanks to you it does! This outfit makes you look like Kim K, I mean you have the African natural curves!! You look so colorful, smart, chic and edgy, I will copy this style soon, be warned. Have a great week dear!

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