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Lady in Red

Red is sexy, Red is bold, Red is beautiful, Red is perfection, Wear Red all day everyday!
I couldn’t think of a perfect write up to describe the beauty of a red dress and the woman wearing it.
So I’ll just leave it for the poets.

My lady in the red dress,
Having more curves than a coke cola bottle,
Sending my temperature up faster than a space shuttle,
And making me feel hotter than a kettle,
I’m thinking of what to do because i can’t remain settle.
She’s walking pass me and capturing my attention,
Giving me mixed signals making fatal reaction,
This lady is truly my distraction.
She is matching everywhere,
From her head to her toes,
And swinging her hair like a model in hollywood tv shows.
From her red painted lips,
To her sexy hips.
Where was I when God created this,
Devine beauty,
Extraordinary human being,
Now she is wearing a colour which makes her outstanding,
A colour of bold,
Telling some many secrets it never told,
I’m wondering if she is warm or cold,
Because i would blindly give her my heart to hold.
This lady in the red dress,
She is my distraction,
The catalyst to my every chemical reaction,
The answer to my love confusion.
She is my call to my distress,
I just really love this woman,
The lady in the red dress.
Poem by Daniel Agard
(I love you too Mystery man )

Something about women
in red dresses…
A vibrance, a radiance
an essence of vitality
basking bright youth
beyond all age.
The lines rendered
whether curved or slender,
sleek and elegant,
one with the material
one with the color.
Poem by Kenneth Everett Rathburn

The woman in the red dress
How I admire thee
How could one walk with such grace
And such beauty?
The woman in the red dress
Your comforting eyes
The beautiful color
Resembles the sunrise
The woman in the red dress
So young and youthful
A lie never leaves your lips
You are always truthful
The woman in the red dress
Your name, unknown
Your voice speaks with
The most beautiful of tone
The woman in the red dress
Why must you go?
Why don’t you stay
And allow our love to grow?
Poem by Devon McElveen

Photo credit: Kolls Photography


sitting pretty





I asked to use his car, he offered to bring down the roof too.. I literally have no shame. Power of a red




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