Don’t we all just love knits? Its snugly, cosy, breathable, light, sexy and perfectly suitable for the cool weather. This is 1970’s granny inspired fabric gives you a certain level of femininity and comfort. But thank goodness many designers are incorporating knits into their modern collection so it ain’t no ‘granny chic’ any more. They add a certain retro sexiness and a little bit of boho-chicness vibes to your outfit. Its no surprise that girls are embracing this knitted trend even during the warmer season. Personally, I love that they come in different styles, shapes and size, its versatility makes it very easy to style and yes you can style it with almost any other pair of fabric. In my case, I’m letting out my inner bohemian this cool season with double doze of knitted fabrics. Both my skirt and top are knits but of different textures. And yassssss!!!! the slit/lace on the skirt is everything! We can all agree that I’ve clearly over hyped this shoes so the only thing left to say is this baddies ……….IS LIFE!!!
The irony is I actually did forget the shoes I was gonna use for this outfit at home “as usual”, and this one just seem to steal the show every damn time! Its perfect for almost any outfit. I usually take about 2-3 outfits on the same day so luckily for me, it was right there. How perfect!
So please don’t judge me if I pair it with every other outfit. It’s had to let go get over of something you love. lol

How would you wear your knitted clothes?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
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Photo credit: Lekan
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Caption this!


Shoe Slay!

I had to tie the top because its a bit free.



Need I say more!

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