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Induction Day

yay am super excited. So my induction was yesterday. I got enrolled into Heriot Watt university for the Masters in Business Strategy program. Am this excited because i love school. weird innit! yea i really do. Asides my love for getting an education, gaining admission into uni wasn’t so easy all thanks to all the ‘annoying’ (Jamb and Post UME) entrance exams we had to write. Its either i pass one stage and fail the next stage *sigh.
My Nigerian people can relate to this.

But within the ‘waiting to gain admission period’, i gained 2 diplomas in computer engineering and software engineering and FINALLY got a Bsc in Business Information Systems. Wondering how i ended up a fashion blogger?? Story for another day. During those periods, if someone had told me Tega you would some day get a masters degree i wouldn’t have believed it for a millisecond. It was frustrating i tell you. However, i didn’t give up at any point hence my 2 diplomas. I knew it was a phase that would definitely pass. Even though i wasn’t patient with God’s plan for me. I kept questioning him. So today, i thank God i scaled through and am grateful i am where i am today.
The sky is my starting point!

Anyways, i cant wait to start classes fully, meet awesome people and have loads and loads of fun.
I wore this to the induction. What are your thoughts??
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Love Always.

49Yikes!! Happy Me.


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