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How to wear an ankara skirt – Afrishop

What to wear on an ankara skirt

There are gazillion ways to wear an ankara skirt. The African print (other wise known as wax print) is perennially vibrant, beautiful, bold and rich in colour it goes with about anything. I love the abstract geometric patterns – undeniably the level of chicness goes from a 50 to 100 when ankara prints are paired with foreign wears.

It’s versatility has made the likes of Beyoncé, Solange, Fergie and Rihanna rock this prints graciously. One of my best fashion Designers Stella Jean fuses African prints with foreign prints together in a sophisticated way. You should totally check out her design.  She has definitely helped promote African fabrics and culture in the western world.

Ankara prints could be paired with literally anything from cropped tops, to formal shirts, jeans, pants, jacket – practically any other fabric! Years ago ankara was just the basic african fabric, I’d be soo mad when my mum says I needed to sew ‘native’ for an occasion usually I had one foreign dress and one native for Christmas and new year.  I hated it especially because of how shapeless our local tailors sewed them. They had no mercy whatsoever. It was a case of adding insult to injury [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin-2″ wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin-2″ wrap=”i”]. As if it wasn’t enough that I hated the fabric.

But designers and tailors nowadays has completely stepped up their game, they’re now transforming African fabrics into modern chic. Everyone wants to own a piece.  Also, technology has paved a way for designers to sell their pieces globally meaning you need not go to a tailor before you get a piece. There’re a lots of designers that sells ready to wear modernised African outfits through online stores.

My skirt was sent to me by Afrishop – Afrishop is the only online platform for African products, in the middle east.  All Afrishop products are handmade and carefully crafted ranging from African fashion, footwear, arts & crafts and many more treasures sourced from Africa. They offer free shipping service, cash on delivery and free exchange policy.
Awesome right!

Personally I love the prints on the skirt. Who knew pink and brown will go so well. Also, the finishing is perfect.. You don’t have loosed threads dangling around and visible sewing tracks.
So if you’re in the middle east and in need of some African fashion (both male and female) – stop by Afrishop online store.

A few styling tips before I sign out
Remember, keep your ensemble very clean and minimal to avoid any conflict when combining African prints with foreign pieces.
Pick out the one colour that stand out and make that your base.
Fashion has evolved, we see people paring stripes on stripes, prints on prints and so on. You could also try that out with the African fabric but be sure to do it the right way.

Photo Credit: Cherie

How to wear an ankara skirt

How to wear an ankara skirt

wear to shop for african fabrics

afrishop dubai uae

How to wear an ankara skirt

How to wear an ankara skirt

How to wear an ankara skirt

What to wear with african fabric

How to wear an ankara skirt

What to wear on an ankara skirt


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  1. I sure can relate to the ‘1 foreign ‘ and ‘1 native ‘ wear for Christmas. 😂 I have nvr been a fan of African prints but seeing this on you as well as the beautiful pieces on Afrishop online, my wardrobe is going to be getting a makeover soon 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽. Would try shopping on Afrishop online if it’s not too expensive tho 😬

  2. YaaaSSS Hawney! The print and color combination of this Ankara skirt is fab and I love how you styled it, the purple popping shoes and then the beige and gold bag: all bring out the hues of the skirt. And it fits your figure well, reigning all tha t colour with a black top was a good way to go.Cool that you discovered an African online shop that delivers to you! ( :

  3. You are giving Kim a run for her money, with this big ole booty of yours babe. I also love that many celebrities are graciously embracing Ankara especially Beyonce and Rihanna who are the top of that list. Your writing was amazing and would be a good guide to those who know little about ankara and those that need reminding which is basically everyone. Your advice was gold about not pairing ankara with other European prints because many tend t do that. You look amazing, the combination of the brown and pink shoes the the ankara print is just wow!! Ps, you have legs for days!

  4. Am a bit lost for words by all this amazingness. Am glad I stumble onto your blog. The skirt looks great on you.

  5. Hi Tega,

    You are a gorgeous lady. 🙂

    I agree with you, ankara print has truly gone global, which is great.

    I like the idea of pairing an ankara piece with a garment in another fabric, it gives a modern twist to the outfit. Ah, I have a few left-over yards of ankara that I could put to good use. Lol

  6. Hanhan baby girl you is a slayer!!! I’m a lover of Ankara so this is making me smile like crazy & your shoes are gorgeous too!

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