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How to wear: a not so basic all-black outfit

An all black outfit is perfection for realz though!

The darkest shade in the book gets a bad reputation for being a ‘mourning’, ‘dark’, ‘evil’ colour, but we beg to differ— black outfits can be amazingly interesting and chic.

Tbh, I’ve never been a lover of black but with age comes change in perspectives. My favourite colour was Blue not until recently I fell in love with mustard – Black symbolises elegance, power and even a hint of mystery. And I’m all for women representing all three of these things!

While it’s true that life is too short to wear boring clothes, sometimes it’s even shorter to waste our time figuring out what to wear so when in doubt wear black.

I like to call it the number 1 lazy Girl’s Guide to a perfect outfit in any situation because an all black outfit always seems to be the best alternative when having a hard time deciding what to wear.  As you know Of course, this is because the colour appears to be very practical, easy to work with when it comes to creating a complex style. Most def a win-win situation!

How to wear an all black outfit

How to wear an all black outfit

I love an all black out fit for 3 main reasons;

  • An all black outfit is slimming
  • All black ensembles never, ever go out of style
  • It makes you look instantly elegant and effortlessly chic.

Black is also friendly when it comes to hiding your problem areas – you know, those damn potholes! It makes you look slimmer and sexier than you actually are. God knows I have worn the living day light out of my black body suit and this skirt because they’re black. You can wear an all-black outfit over and over again without being noticed because of its versatility and simplicity. Just switch things around and you’re good to go.

How to wear an all black outfit

How to wear an all black outfit

An all black outfit will remain a fashion classic forever. Agree? This shade is able to take on various personalities, it is an attitude (can you smell the attitude I’ve put up…😀😎😂 what would you call it?), and if you know how to wear it, you can make a statement with it. So yeah, black doesn’t have to be boring.

Truth is I feel most confident in an all black outfit because of its slimming effect and it insinuate your curves.  Hence, I always go for fitted and flattering black clothes; my favourite style of clothes by the way.

How to wear an all black outfit

The easiest way to add life to an all black outfit is to simply:

  • Add a splash of color with your accessories.
  • Add Volume
  • Mix Textures: My body suit has a kind of furry pattern and my skirt is a knit wear. I styled this skirt HERE in my Valentine’s Day outfit idea post.
  • Add a pop of color
  • Add Prints
  • Wear bright makeup: My dark lippie – I wanted to kinda Gothic vibe


How to wear an all black outfit
Gothic vibes

How to wear an all black outfit

How to wear an all black outfit

How to wear an all black outfit

And finally, as they say ‘fake it till you make it’ 😬😎😬 and I am doing just that with my yeezy inspired shoes. All you need to do is wear a long sock over your shoes and tada!!!!!! You’re yeezyfied (😃😃😃 Where did that word come from???).

Location: City Walk, Dubai. Remember I spoke about it HERE. One of the places you should visit when you’re in dubai.

So ladies and gentlemen (Hey boos!), what do you think? Would you rather rock and all black outfit or go for colors. Also, do you like my black lipstick?





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    • I see we are all heading towards a minimalist wardrobe. I love burgundy and khaki green also. Funny enough I tried to make that wing perfect as per usal but it wasn’t. I have come to realise that the day you decided to put effort into your makeup, outfit or even cooking it becomes a flop. #sigh
      Thanks sweetie

  1. My ma hates me in black, she says in Nigeria its a colour for mourning, so its so hard to explain to her that in the fashion capital cities, at least- black is errrything and black is cool as F.
    I am so into this black look, your waist is snatched for the gods and the lippy werks!
    Also loving the colourful Disney backdrop.
    I love colour too and I am drawn to black and there are enough days in the year for me to swing from branch to branch ( :

  2. Just what i wore to church last Sunday…………….all black…………..elegant.

    I have always rooted for black though. For me, black is strong and powerful.

    Oh Tega Tega, my oh my………… you sure do know how to slay girl. You look absolutely amazing in that out fit.

    By the way, where emoji dey for this your comment section sef?

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