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Hello April!

Hello April and happy holidays! Hope none of y’all fell for any prank? lol.. I cooked up my pranks on the 30th of march [wp-svg-icons icon=”evil” wrap=”i”] and lots of people fell for it.. I felt like an Evil genius! [wp-svg-icons icon=”evil-2″ wrap=”i”]. So what are plans for the holiday! As for me, am enhancing my fashion illustration skills..cant wait to show you guys..Hoping to start a series on fashion illustration soon. Yikes!!!

Today’s outfit..hmmm.. is rather too simple for my kind of style because it was an impromptu shoot. I was too bothered about the sun rising and ruining my shoot. You know, as an amateur photographer i snap when the sun is down because i believe the pictures would be clearer which unfortunately wasn’t the case for these pictures [wp-svg-icons icon=”sad” wrap=”i”]. I certainly need to take photography classes or get a personal photographer. So back to the outfit,  i kept it simple and at the end of the day simplicity always wins and makes life a bit easier. Who knew grey and peach look this cool together!
Lazy girl tip: Try figure outfits in your wardrobe that qualifies for the “go look” in case of emergencies just like i had today..No stress, No worries!

The breeze wouldn’t let my hair be. *sigh








IMG_0067 So i wore this same pant to church on Friday. Unfortunately the pictures wouldn’t make it to the blog because it was too sunny and windy.. As you can see, the breeze didn’t let my blouse be great. I wore a silver neck piece and silver accessories. I loved the outfit..I felt like the CEO of one multimillion company.. LOL.. Pardon my big dreams..


View from the helipad.. I was kinda scary doing a shoot on my own there.. But any thing for you guys..

Thanks for stopping by love. See you soon in my next post! [wp-svg-icons icon=”heart” wrap=”i”]




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