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Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!


Wow! its yet another year, I remember my 18th just like yesterday and truth be told, I wasn’t very excited about turning 18 even if I was officially/legally an adult which doesn’t count as an African as you are still a child and have no legal adult rights whatsoever until you are married, so what’s there to be excited about. Really? I guess was just scared of growing older. (Forever young, I wanna be forever young!) Then I was broke, #poorchild and as if being broke wasn’t enough punishment, for some reason daddy forgot to wish his little girl happy birthday, man! I cried like a bride whose husband stood her up on her wedding day [wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-broken” wrap=”i”]. Now am wondering why on earth, mars and Jupiter was I even crying? [wp-svg-icons icon=”confused” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”confused-2″ wrap=”i”] Anyways daddy paid for forgetting and ever since then he reminds me at least a week before just so he has the excuse of; but you know I remembered, I even reminded you and then forgot again because of work and what not [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy” wrap=”i”].

Now 6years down the line here I am hale and hearty, never had cause to wake up on an hospital bed, got 3 degrees, started few businesses here and there which eventually suffered premature deaths, family members all healthy and pushing it, still hanging on the weight loss band wagon, made the most amazing friends…, I could literally write down a book of how great God has been to me. It’s been him all the way and I still haven’t found a better way to express my gratitude to him.

Every other year my birthday marks not just a new age but a new year to me; a new beginning, a time to set new age/year resolutions and a time to soberly reflect on what my goals/resolutions were for the previous year, if they weren’t achieved then no course to celebrate as I am a year late from achieving my dreams. #myprinciple. Though, I am beyond grateful to God for sustaining me through the year. No matter how much I complain, tears I shed; I still get what I want and even more in some cases which only proves that am a daughter of the most high and there’s nothing too small for him to do. But! A larger portion of my joy doesn’t lie on my basic and not so basic needs but achieving my purpose/goals in life and it saddens me that am not even half way there however I am glad that I know I have a purpose and I have the assurance that I would definitely get there. It’s just a matter of time which isn’t on my side no more hence my sadness.

Regardless, I choose not to do anything major this year because; Most and not all of my goals were achieved this or rather last year and as for my resolutions that I never keep up with yet I make new ones ever age/year, am still on the matter especially the keeping fit aspect; am still hanging on the weight loss band wagon like these Lagos bus conductors. Only God knows the day or what would motivate me to eventually get on the wagon. Ehh! When that happens the world would hear my testimony. Most importantly, my day 1 gees are not here to celebrate with me #sadface so what’s the point really? But shine ya eyes and keep your ears opened because next year goals/resolutions achieved or not. Ah! I must celebrate. The silver Jubilee!

It was a good age/year I must say. It was really really good. Am grateful to God, my family, my friends, and you all reading this; thanks for being a part of my life, thanks for encouraging me to become a better version of me, thanks for making me see beyond pass my abilities, thanks for being there always.

You all are the real MVP’s.

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