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Always been a fan of graffiti but never had the opportunity to see an actual wall talk more of taking photographs by it. So when the opportunity came i grabbed it with both hands [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”]. No Dulling! My dreams were about to come true.  The outfit was planned but the location wasn’t. It just happened that i stumbled upon it while looking for a location to snap pictures and Voila! My outfit had similar colors with the wall.

It was love at first sight!!! I just love all the colors and I love to wear color!! It is some serious eye candy for pics…. Obvi! I would give anything to be this talented. Ugh! O well God chose to bless me with other talents [wp-svg-icons icon=”wink” wrap=”i”].

I couldn’t be more luckier as i had my long time friend ‘Kola’ who is a professional photographer to take the shots.  Even though i had to travel about an hour 30mins to Abu Dhabi to go meet him, it was worth every stress so i cant complain. My tripod stand finally took a break! lol..

I could never had taken such beautiful pictures on my own.

God definitely heard my prayers!

Thanks Kola. You’re God sent!

Photo Credit: Linkon Kolls

Location: Club One, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I hope you like the pictures! Considering the fact that i had to travel 1hr30mins to take them.

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IMG_9237IMG_9250IMG_9236 IMG_9262IMG_9263 IMG_9270 IMG_9271 IMG_9281 IMG_9288IMG_9290IMG_9219

Happy New Month!

Love and Love.



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