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Floral Bust


Floral prints: You either love ’em or hate ’em. Of course we already know that i do love them. Floral’s are so versatile! i love  all the options they bring along.  This particular one looks like a splash of water paint with the presence of different colors making it easier to alternate  tops/accessories that would still make a perfect match.  We all would definitely agree that floral prints be it in dress, skirts, pants or accessories are like the easiest fashion piece to style. Just pick one or two colors as your base and viola! outfit slayed.

For my base colors, i chose the cream and wine. I absolutely love this top because of its plunging neck line and the hand detail. Very flattering right? To balance out the femininity touch of the floral skirt, i opted for a striped purse for a more structures and edgier vibe.

How was your weekend by the way? I started school already. yay! its gonna be very very stressful, we were already given loads of coursework and a thousand materials to read on the very first day. No chill whatsoever. lol
But i would definitely scale through, i just need to work on my time management.
I also attended my very first event (Chic Ladies Love R&B Soul) here in Dubai. Thanks to the beautiful Zarrah Jane for inviting me. Shes the beauty behind The Bandwagon Chic. You should check out her blog.
It was a fun filled night and an opportunity to meet other bloggers.
I would certainly go out more often from hence forth.

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Thank you so much for reading!

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Constantly sweating.. Thanks to the hot weather i have to keep my hanky close by. The shoot must go on!


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