Denim + White + Wedges: The perfect combination

Some times I play dress up and plan future blog post outfits other  most times I’m just super lazy or have no time to pre plan so me being me waits till the last minute to choose the outfit-s of the day. On Saturday was no exception. I didn’t start getting ready until my friend (photographer) called that he was on his way. I had to rush into the shower, rush my make up….and there he was. My make-up half done, no clue what I was gonna wear and the sun was almost setting. Well, I didn’t have to beat myself up because my friend had a denim shirt on. Problem solved! [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”cool-2″ wrap=”i”]

Me: Lekan can you borrow me your shirt?
Lekan: Errrmmmmm you sure it would fit?
Me: You never know till I try.

Luckily it did fit, but obviously you can tell its a guys shirt. But I couldn’t be bothered jare provided the fashion message is passed. [wp-svg-icons icon=”evil-2″ wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] And thank goodness he had a tshirt on. He saved the day! Maybe I’d have offered him a blouse for the time being. [wp-svg-icons icon=”shocked” wrap=”i”]  [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy-2″ wrap=”i”] Just imagine that! Naaah!! I’d have figured out something else. Not like he would have even agreed.
Ok Enough story.
Denim is my all time favourite! It never goes out of season. we’d all agree that it’s one trend that would probably last forever. Its the past, the present and the future fashion trend or fabric of the fashion world.  Need I say more?? Also, like I pointed out in my last outfit post. White is perfection and is slowly becoming the lazy girl colour to a perfect outfit. So move over black! White It pops out the entire outfit. Anyway, Let me not stress it cos you already know.
I wanted a casual outfit for three reasons. First, I didn’t have enough time to come up with a fab-ber (if there’s any word like that) elegant and classy outfit. Secondly, I just got the Dubai inscribed cap which I think is pretty cool on chics, I just couldn’t wait to show you’ll and thirdly I had a denim shirt. Awesome! [wp-svg-icons icon=”wink-1″ wrap=”i”][wp-svg-icons icon=”wink-2″ wrap=”i”] I’ve never be a fan of wedges and I doubt I’ll ever be but they kinda add this chic causal vibe to your outfit and since I was aiming for that, I didn’t need to think twice knowing it would look nice. (Twice…Nice I just rhymed! I should probably consider a rap career. watchu say?) [wp-svg-icons icon=”wink-2″ wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”]
Even more stories!!! Sigh.
And this my loves is how this outfit won. End of story. [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”tongue-2″ wrap=”i”]
I love it! Do you? And did you enjoy my story?????
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P:S – Ahhh please forgive my manners [wp-svg-icons icon=”sad-2″ wrap=”i”]. How are you doing??? I’d love to know.
As I write this I’m down with flu. My head is aching been sneezing like no man’s business. Hopefully my nose doesn’t fall off. Its a very busy week for me. My coursework deadlines are this week, I’ve 2 presentations too and Yes!!!! I Finally got a Job. Too much to do. I shall do them all and survive!
Thanks for all the support. Means a lot to me.

Photo credit: Lekan 

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