Dealing with outfits fail during a blog shoot

Putting together an outfit for a post is usually a fun an easy process. Most times if not all the time, I we try different set of outfits and go with the one we think is perfect. The mirror shows you a perfectly styled outfit but the camera could portrays something totally different or the forces of the universe, the wind for one doesn’t agree with the outfit. If you’re like me that travel miles just to look for the perfect location wouldn’t want the whole time and effort wasted as the outfit doesn’t seem pretty as it ought to on camera. This has happened to me quiet a number of times, and It wasn’t a pleasant situation. In your mind you’ve ‘slayed’ but then you’ve not. How annoying!  You dont only waste your time, you waste your photographer’s time and most importantly, the blog post gets delayed.

As a blogger, one of the most important things is learning how to wear the pieces in my closet in multiple different ways. Figuring different ways not only adds versatility in your closets, it also helps in recycling your outfits without having to buy more or repeat clothes (outfits). So, if it so happens that your outfit isn’t cooperating with you, there are so many ways you could improvise. Luckily for me, I indented styling this kimono with a black dress and kimono being one of the most versatile fashion pieces made it quiet easy for me to switch up styles to get a desirable look. Also, if you have more than one clothing or you prepared for more than one shoot, you could incorporate pieces from the other outfits to the create a new outfit. Or even borrow a piece from your photographer like I did in this post [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy-2″ wrap=”i”][wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] but hey! dont say Tega made me borrow when you’re being labelled a ‘borrower’. Whatever the case, Just use your fashionista creative brain and make it work.

For this shoot, I was meant to style my kimono with a belt which is totally chic but the breeze couldn’t agree more. I had to think of something else on the spot! no time for time wasting and besides I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks.
I styled it in 3 other ways until boom! I got the best look.


Style 1: The belt on the kimono
Style 2a: I tied it on my waist as usual, but I’m sooooooo over this style!
Style 2b: I thought to cross it around and knot it. It almost didn’t knot but I was desperate to get this shoot done. I swear I couldn’t breath properly because it was too tight. [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy-2″ wrap=”i”]
Style 3: I felt my belly was looking too big. I Just wasn’t feeling the look. So I thought bringing it below will at least hide my bulging stomach. (chubby girl problems)
Style 4: Still wasn’t certain, so I put on the belt. And it was just perfect. I think it’s the best style. What do you think?
I’d love to know what you do in such situations. Please share in the comment box below.
I appreciate all your comments!
Thanks for reading.
Photocredit: Cherie


I kept thinking of the scene I'd have created if I had fallen off. It'd have been a viral instagram video cos almost everyone was watching. Literally!

I kept thinking of the scene I’d have created if I had fallen off. It’d have been a viral instagram video cos almost everyone was watching. Literally!

I got my Beyonce on! #Vainmuch

I got my Beyonce on! #Vainmuch

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