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Hello Loves! Trust you’re all doing great. wow its already day number 9. I think the day kinda goes by so quickly especially if you have nothing major to do. So, I went to the movies yesterday..Yikes! Made a decision to go to the movies every [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy” wrap=”i”]..God bless my jobless soul! Furious 7 was yesterday’s pick and it was amaze balls and emotional at the same time.  The graphics was awesome and the cinema screen even made it better. I swear it was worth every penny. Reason i love cinemas, the feeling is never the same when you see the movie at home. [wp-svg-icons icon=”tongue” wrap=”i”]

(Must see movies: Focus, Get Hard and Furious 7)

Though i was sober all through the movie because of Paul Walker. May he RIP [wp-svg-icons icon=”sad” wrap=”i”]. I couldn’t even come to terms that this extremely hot human is no more. Well God knows best! The tribute at the end of the movie was too touching, it was a moment of silence for Paul in the cinema. I tried so hard to hold my tears but i just couldn’t. Am such a cry baby i cant even deal. [wp-svg-icons icon=”sad” wrap=”i”]. Then came the Abu Dhabi scenes and i could literally sense pride flowing round the cinema. Those Arabs (locals)  couldn’t be more prouder of their capital.  Just like they say you never know the value of a thing till you loose it, same goes with:

You never know the beauty of a place till you see it else where….Tega Enai

Who knew Abu Dhabi was that beautiful. OMG! i have to explore this country and stop being enclosed to my environment. Promised myself i would go out more often (I promise myself a lot of So, dearies watch this space cos amma explore and take beautiful pictures of breathtaking locations in this country.

Hmmm, this look almost didn’t make it to the blog because of the love/hate feeling i have for this dress which i really cant figure why! I expected it to look better in pictures and since lately i have been drawn to simplicity, i said why not feature this dress on the blog. Between i love Blue, Blue is my fave color. All shades of blue but cobalt being my favorite. So i paired it with a multicolored sandals and bangles just to give more cool to the look. I must say the skyline/environment brought out the beauty of the dress.

Photo Credit: My tripod stand (I should probably name it. What do you think?) and I.

P.S: Pardon my black knees. Don’t know if they are black because i naturally have black knuckles and foot or cos of how playful and rough i was as a kid. I was even a tom #storyforanotherday









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