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I’ve always been drawn to the flawlessness and the fact that you never go wrong with an all-black-everything ensemble. Every one looks great in black! It’s just one of those things we accept as an inevitable truth. We could all agree that it’s the only shade that will always be versatile and timeless, not to mention loved by practically everyone. And hey, it and makes the entire outfit look a little more slick with a ooze of sexy sophistication. That being said, it is the ultimate lazy-girl guide to dressing. Saving lives since 1709! .  so ladies, whenever you hear that something else is the new black, don’t believe it for a second – Black would forever be a CLASSIC!

 To all ye minimalist fashionista readers, there are several ways to can put together an all black ensemble and if done appropriately, screams confidence, bold, classy, and mystery all at the same. Though, It is not only for the lazy girl, very little or no effort has to be put in creating the outfit. And above, all it is one of the easiest outfit to style because you don’t have to worry about trying to match different colors.

Lastly, black is already slimming. So for my outfit, I multiplied the effect by belting the ensemble to define my mid-section. And added a little pop of gold to make it more fun and chic.
P:S – It is a skirt and blouse

Hope y’all are doing great!
Happy Weekend.

15aExcuse my sweaty face! The weather is damn hot and am not a very good photo editor.

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Feeling my braids #flipshair

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