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How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish

To be honest, I live for my figure hugging clothes but there are days when you just want to wear loose, oversized clothes. The freedom you feel, the comfort, and the cool breeze flowing through your body – is just divine! It was one of those lazy days when I didn’t want to put any effort into dressing up at all and yet be as comfortable as I could. Moreover, it was a casual outing that involved a lot of walking. I just needed to be comfy and slay without sacrificing style. Do you think I pulled that off?

how to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish


Pulling off oversized clothes is however tricky and If you are one of those people that have probably convinced yourself that oversized clothes are not for you – not because you don’t like them, but because they just don’t, can’t, and will never flatter your body.  Well, you’re wrong. When it comes to fashion, you’re free to break the rules and not follow the trend – Just do you! The fashion rule says don’t wear oversized top on an oversized bottom but I broke the damn rule because I felt it will look good on me. Watcha say?


How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish

I honestly feel this picture belongs to a magazine cover.. hehe

How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish


For me, comfort is the most important factor to keep in mind.  If I feel comfortable in it, I wear it and you should also. Today, wearing oversized trend has become a favourite in street style and its quiet understandable if you’re concerned about achieving a chic and fab look. So, if you’ve been dying to wear that chunky shirt or palazzo pants but have no idea where to start, here are tips on nailing this look.

Dubai city walk
How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish


#1 Balance out proportions

Even though I was daring enough to break this rule, the first rule of wearing oversized clothes is to create a balance. In other words, if you’re wearing an oversized shirt, wearing it with a slim fit trouser is going to balance out the look and vice versa.

How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish
How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish


#2 Show a little bit of skin

For my outfit, I choose a cold shoulder top which I absolutely love. Off shoulders are very flattering. So showing a little bit of skin creates a distraction from the oversized outfit to your body.

How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish

How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish


#4 Add contrast and accessories

Play with the contrasts by adding a casual, oversized top to a delicate maxi skirt, wide leg pants or palazzo. You can elevate the look by adding a fancy necklace or a bright lip (or both!) and you’re set to go. I was going to add wine coloured chokers to my outfit but I just couldn’t find it.

How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish

Dubai city walk

Had to blur out their faces because it’s against the law to snap people without their consent here.


#5 Clinch it in

Give the oversized top by clinching it in at the waist. Pick a wider belt, rather than a skinny style, especially if you’re wearing a thick material.

How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish

How to wear oversized clothes and still look stylish


Location: Dubai City Walk

The Dubai city walk is one of the many awesome places you should visit when you’re in Dubai. It is a reminiscent of European-style streets. You could imagine my excitement when I saw the red telephone booth… and trust me to take one too many pictures, with the way the passers by were looking at me I’m pretty sure they were saying who’s this bush girl. O well, I couldn’t be bothered because It’s not everyday you see a red photo booth when you’re not in Europe. The city walk is lined designer stores and restaurants – if you’re a foodie, you should definitely visit.


Dubai city walk

I’m usually more scared than excited watching fire dancers…

Places to visit when you're in dubai

Fire dancers

Dubai city walk

Music ladies


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I think with this few tips, you are ready to hit town! So, are you are fan of the oversized trend or not?


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  • <cite itemprop="author">Fashiondra</cite>

    Wearing oversize clothes afraid me sometimes because I am menu, but have to give it a try. Your look is so sassy and also thank for the tips it’s really helpful <3

  • <cite itemprop="author">Oreoluwa</cite>

    Ugh! Thank you for the tips.
    Comfort is also key for me. I am over comfortable with comfy outfits.
    And yes! That picture belongs on the a magazine cover.

    Oréoluwa’s blog

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Thanks for reading dear. Yes! 👯👯👯👯 I love that picture

  • <cite itemprop="author">Tochi Mmajieke</cite>

    You slayed.. Thank God you have skin to show off..
    Not every time you play by the rules.. I love it…And BTW I agree with you.. That picture deserves to be on a mag cover..

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Lol be learning our terms ‘slayed’ 😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Please tell em magazine people to come and shoot me o… Thanks dear 😘😘

  • <cite itemprop="author">Jacqueline</cite>

    I really must visit city walk, the scenery is just beautiful. You look fabulous hun, lovely post as usual.

  • <cite itemprop="author">En_kay</cite>

    After you’ll tell me you miss Nigeria 😒 but just see as you get plenty beautiful location to shoot.
    I love how comfortable your outfit looks and the color palette you chose too,hope to try this out.

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      lol I still miss Nigeria 😫😫😫😫😂😂😂😂…. Thanks babe

  • <cite itemprop="author">Biki</cite>

    The picture by the phonebooth is soooo coooote and reminds me of LDN. Gurl, I’m with you sometimes you just want to slouch about or ebb and flow and loose fitted clothes do the trick. I looooove wearing oversized knitwear tops, Zara does a lot of those. I’m liking those trousers hon, great loungewear. Have a good wkend! PS Im laughing a bit at yr story of yr relatives/mates telling you not to promote via WhatsApp etc, I have had 1 or 2 peeps do that WhatsApp blast thang and erm, I dont like it either. The struggle is hard for us bloggers nnnYYYYooooOOO! ( ;

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      👯👯👯 I’m still drooling over that picture! Love love it… lol it’s a case of you must support me whether you like it or not 😂😂😂.. Thanks a lot… hope you had a great weekend… More power to we bloggers 😬😬

  • <cite itemprop="author">Ada</cite>

    I totally love the look and yes to breaking fashion rules. Thank you for doing you

  • <cite itemprop="author">Mofe</cite>


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