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Utilise all your functions – Maximise yourself! #2

Last week I spoke about how people have chosen to accept the norm ‘good is good enough’, ‘comfortable’, ‘normal’ ‘average’ (Read here). They’ve resigned themselves to the normal life, with normal activities, in the company of normal people, striving for normal goals, at a normal pace, with normal motivation. What a normal tragedy!

God never created you to be normal or just average. Genesis 1:27 says
“…26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;…” 27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”
In reality, God created humans to be originals, to be distinct, in his own image and likeness, but we continue to become copies of others. Too often we are so preoccupied with trying to fit in, that we never stand out.

You were designed to be distinctive, special, irreplaceable, and unique, so refuse to be “normal”! Go beyond average! Do not strive to be accepted, rather strive to be yourself. Shun the minimum; pursue the maximum.

Utilise all your functions – maximise yourself! Use yourself up for the glory of God. Die empty. Die fulfilled by dying unfilled with untapped potentials.

I urge you today to kill the mindset of the norm. Live your life with all your might; give it all you have. Do it until there is nothing left to do because you have become all you were created to be, done all you were designed to do, and given all you were sent to give.
Be satisfied with nothing less than your best.

My best quote in life is;

Great men are ordinary men with extra ordinary determination.

I’m determined to be great and to be great I have to be “extra ordinary”, I have to exceed the norm “normal”. I know deep down, there is still so much I and you as well have not released: so much yet to do, so much left to expose, so much to maximise.
With this mindset I assure you’ll fully maximise your potential.

One of the greatest tragedies is life is to watch potential die untapped. A greater tragedy is to watch potential live unreleased. Not until you’ve decided and determined not to be associated with the majority of the world that will never really discover who they really are, you’ll never maximise every fibre of your live by fully utilising your gifts, talents, abilities, and capabilities.
Each one of us has the opportunity to pursue maximum living.
The question is, will you choose to exercise that option?

I admonish you to search yourself deep down this week. Are you yet to discover your potential? Are maximising your potential or are they lying dormant waiting to be unleashed?

Know that, if you’re willing to believe and accept God’s dream for your life, if you’re willing to submit to his will and purpose for your destiny and to cooperate with his specifications, nothing will be impossible for you.  Determine not to be satisfied with anything less than the full accomplishment of your dream. The responsibility to use what God stored within you is yours alone.

Next week I’ll be talking on why you need to maximise your potential. Do not miss out!
Have a fruitful week.

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