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Maximising your potential – How to become your potential #3

True success is not a project but a journey. The spirit of achievement is guided by the notion that success is an installment plan on which we make daily payments until we maximise ourselves. This success begins when we understand and accept that life is a process of growing and developing. Thus, life is meant to be a never-ending education, a journey of discovery and adventure, an exploration of our God-given potential for his glory. Yet, many have placed a “no trespassing” sign over their power, strength, abilities, talents, and capabilities. Because we have obeyed that sign, many of the possibilities with which we were born still exist within us – hidden and dormant, unused and untried.

We are all like treasures in a jar of clay. The jar may not look like much, but the treasure inside it is valuable and priceless. In other words, what people see when they look at you is not what you truly are. You become much more than you are now. Unexposed, dormant potential rests beneath the surface of your daily existence, waiting to be discovered and released. Although access to this great treasure has been clogged by sin, situations of life and what not, the strength and beauty of your potential can be reclaimed.

You are capable of more than others expect of you – even beyond your own most extravagant dreams.

Your potential is uniquely yours because God created no two people for the same purpose. Your personality, abilities, and resources are God’s gifts, bestowed on you he gave you the breath of life, and they contain the possibility of bringing meaning and fulfillment into your life. They’re available, however, only to those who put forth the effort to recover them and to use them according to their God-given specifications. Learning to tap the hidden wealth of your potential is the greatest task and the most pressing need of your life because if you do not discover how to expose and use this treasure, you will die with it.

Keys to releasing your potential

#1 Know your source

No one knows a product like a manufacturer. if you’re going to move from who you are to whom God created you to be, you too must seek to understand the nature of God’s original design for you. That understanding is not available to you unless you become reconnected with God. Apart from him you cannot and will not release your full potential because he gave you this potential and he designed you to fulfill it. You must know God, your source if you want to experience a satisfying, abundant life.

The foundation key for releasing potential is always a relationship with the source or the maker of a product.

It’s only logical that without understanding a manufactures original design and intent, you cannot utilize a product. A more reason why user manuals are created. You must seek God your source, manufacturer, creator to unlock his power within you. Only then will you become your potential.

In order to keep the post short, I’d stop here. Please be back next Monday to read more about how to become your potential.
Have a great week.

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Book: Maximising your potential; The keys to dying empty by Myles Munroe


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