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“Before you were born, God saw you, He endowed you with gifts and talents uniquely designed for you. He’s given you ideas and creativity as well as specific areas which you can excel.” Joel Osteen

Many a times, we feel unfulfilled with the life we are living. We go to work at some mundane job, trying to earn a living, stuck in a career we don’t even like. Why? Because you’re not pursing the dreams and desires God has placed in your heart. The most tragic thing is realizing you’ve been living but haven’t really “lived” because you settled for an average, mediocre life, a life without passion or enthusiasm allowing your inner potential to lie dormant and untapped. You constantly living with tension and dissatisfaction which you thought would go away with time but always existed in your inner being and will be there as long as you live.
To discover your destiny, first, you have to understand and accept that God has deposited a gift, inside you then you can do your part to bring it forth. How can you do that? Simple:

1• Determine that you’re going to start focusing on your destiny
2• Identify your dreams and desires
Your dreams are:
o what you like to do most
o what you are passionate about
o what excites you
o what you can do with ease
3• Take steps towards the dreams and desires God has placed in your heart
4• Set goals! Your goals in life should be:
o To live life to the fullest
o To pursue your passion and dreams
o To use as much potential as possible that God has deposited in you to live a fulfilled life.

Your destiny is part of the dreams and desires that is in your heart – part of your very nature. God of course wouldn’t give a destiny that you do not like or potentials that doesn’t excite you. It’s just like God giving someone a lovely voice who doesn’t like to sing, or a very fashionable person who doesn’t like fashion. He made you, he gave you those potentials so it shouldn’t surprise you that your destiny would involve something that you enjoy. Your destiny usually follow the dream which you are most passionate about or what fascinates you the most. He has hardwired your destiny in you so it’s left for you to reexamine yourself.
Decide not to be live a miserable, unfulfilled and meaningless life today. Be enthusiastic and passionate about what you do. Also, you should know that nothing good comes easy. There would be frustrating days and people you rather not deal with. But that’s all part of life. Ultimately, you should find pleasure in what you’re doing, your day should end with you feeling accomplished and you’ve impacted the world/your generation one way or the other.

More so, you will thrive and have good success when you discover your destiny and work in some realm associated with it.
You feel naturally enthusiastic and excited because you know that:
This is what you were called to do.
This is why you were born.
This is your destiny.
Now you can conquer the world.

Your life becomes much more enjoyable without struggle and headache. Your life wouldn’t be in constant struggle because you’re living within your purpose. God has given you talents, gifts and skills that you can do well and excel. Do not take them for granted, explore it to the fullest keeping in mind that what seems boring for you may be exhilarating to another person. Do not sing because every other person is singing and making a fortune from it. Dearie, if it’s not your destiny you wouldn’t thrive in it. Be aware of your natural strength, stay in that area and use it to your best advantage to benefit yourself and others as well.

I know the bible in
Philippians 4 verse 13 says
“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”
So we just assume we should be jack of all trades but the same bible in
Romans 12 verse 6 says
“God has given each of us ability to do certain things well…”
Which means that you can do “all things” but you have the ability to do “certain things” better?
Therefore, those certain things are what you’ve been called to do. Your destiny!
So focus on your strength and watch yourself live a purpose driven life.
Proverbs 18 verse 16 says
“A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men
Do not allow the society pressure you into some career simply because others are doing it and excelling.
Recognize your purpose
Do it to the best of your ability and excel at it
Strive to excel
Pursue you destiny
Become the best that you can possibly be
And as you do so you’re honoring God
It’s not too late to live a life of purpose
It’s not too late to tap into your potential
It’s not too late to discover your destiny
Life’s too short. Find one thing you’re passionate about, start giving yourself to it and God will lead you one step at a time. I hope, desire and pray you’re motivated to:
Follow your God given destiny
Discover your calling
Stay in your purpose
Make a decision to keep pressing forward
Keep believing. Have faith
Keep stretching until you see your dreams fulfilled.
Then in the near future, you would confidently look back and say




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