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When life hands you lemons, what do you do really?

The Sad Truth is life will always throw BS your way – give you lemons you didn’t ask for. Then you realize how sour lemons can be, and we don’t like that; we want a life so sweet and easy. Sadly, this is never the case as life will not come on a platter of gold, except you are one of the lucky few. Life will give you more lemons and more discomfort; life will keep throwing rocks at you; life will keep handing you battles, concerns, and struggles. And because you want to avoid the painful experiences as much as you can, life will find a way to get you out of that comfort zone. And you, my friend, will struggle.!

when life hands you lemons, make lemonade

Struggle to get virtually everything; you struggle to get water, struggle to get sugar and whatever ingredient you need to make the lemonade – if you decide to make lemonade out of the lemons. It gets frustrating you know, but only the strong will survive, only the strong will prevail. They say it’s just a phase and it will definitely pass and you’re there wondering dis phase no dey pass when will this phase pass, when will things get better, (ehhh who did I offend, why wouldn’t my village people leave me alone)… I am not here to teach you life lessons or to speak to you as a role model. I do not even qualify to be a role model YET because this is my struggle also, I constantly ask myself and God these questions. But I know for sure that;

“There’s light at the end of the tunnel” and “Every cloud has a silver lining”.

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Sometimes, I get discouraged also and allow life’s BS affect me – hoping that my long awaited miracle will happen. But, however hopeless a situation, there is always something positive in it, if only you look harder. The only reason you do not find that light is because you decide to go into a self-pity mode – nothing worse than that.
You just have to make the best of the negative situations in life. So when life gives you lemons;
You either make the lemonades
Make grape juice then sit down and watch as the world wonders how you did it (I’d choose this)
Use the seeds to plant an orchard
Grab a tequila and salt
or what do you do with your lemons? (I need encouragement too you know)


While lemonade is sweet and pleasant. Staying positive and figuring out how to solve problems is much more advantageous than allowing yourself to go sour. I heard this song “Rise Up by Andra Day” this morning on CNN and it motivated me to write this post.
I love the lyrics of this song and I’m sure many of us can relate to it:

You’re broken down and tired
Of living life on a merry-go-round
And you can’t find the fighter
But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains

And I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
And I’ll rise up
High like the waves
I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
For you

I hope this song and post encourages you as much as it has encouraged me to stop making excuses and approach life struggles differently.  Just be grateful, stay calm, react positively, learn, socialize, meditate, be a warrior and rise up.!
Things will get better, Slowly but surely!

Thanks for the love always sweeties and I’m so so sorry I haven’t been reciprocating the love by visiting your blogs. Let’s just say – Life happens!! But I’ve decided to start afresh and take blogging more seriously. Expect to see some changes on the blog soon. New layout and more content. And I promise to visit your blogs. Your comments are so encouraging, I always look forward to reading them. So keep the comments coming, encourage me more, and please suggest what you’d love me to blog about.
I appreciate you always!

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  1. Hy Tega.
    This is a very lovely post.
    The words here can give life back to someone deliberating on suicide.
    Life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan but no matter how dark the night, joy will definitely come in the morning.
    Sometimes when I feel broken, I’d just believe that no matter how long it’ll take, things will turn out fine.

  2. Totally awesome post hon, 2016 has been my worst year ever- personally, work wise, family- so this post really resonates with me. I dont know how I go manage di lemons nyooooOO! Hmmm, well for now my creativity is my buffer so I am making grape juice in that regard but not with the entire problem, if you get what I mean… love the makeup in this post and those shoes are FIRE!!!! Have a lovely day hon ( : ps where are my fashion illustrations, haha! ( ;

    • Thanks Biki…. 2016 is my worst year also 😢😢… I just hope and pray 2017 will be better.
      Get what you mean.. I better start making grapes with mine also.

      Yay thank you… those beautiful shoes are the most uncomfortable shoes ever. Sigh I was so angry I bought it.
      Fashion illustrations coming soon.. lol
      Have a lovely day too.. thanks again

  3. Great post. Hang on there and keep posting. I love the fact that you talk REALITY, that’s for sure we all go through through the valleys in life. No one is exempt I always tell myself that “this is a season and its stormy and thunderous but thise season will pass away. The storm cannot last forever”. Your storm can’t last forever too, it will eventually be over. Keep doing your thang!!!

    • Thanks for motivating me this morning… Been a bit laid back for a while now. But like you said I’d keep doing my thang!
      Thanks a lot sweetie.
      Have a great day.

  4. Wow,,,,,,,beautiful pix Sis,and thanks for inspiring me with those words,there is so much to be thankful for,God bless you.

  5. I love this post! Life has recently handed me some bitter/sour lemons but I am getting past it like a boss, with God’s help of course.
    It is always encouraging to know that our best days are still ahead of us and we can hold on to this truth and know that whatever lemons life throws at us, is only temporary and we will get through it.

    Thanks for the encouragement.
    PS: Just discovered your blog and I am loving it!

    Travel | Lifestyle | Passion

  6. I usually just try not to freak out when stuff happens, then sometimes I freak out and remember to take it to God then as my mother didn’t raise no coward, I face it and deal with it. I really love what you wrote. Coman gimme the shoe naaa LOL.

  7. This is great! I’ve realized that I can be pessimistic and really let down by little inconveniences so I’ve learnt to speak positively to myself when it seems like life gets hard

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