Weekend Barbecue

Weekend in the UAE as a whole is different and as temporary residence, this was one of the many things I needed to adjust. Fridays are holy days in the Islamic world so all offices are closed. There’s no work or school on Friday. Christians here worship on Fridays, it still feels weird going to church on Friday and I still can’t get myself to say ‘friday school’ instead of the usual ‘Sunday school’ we’re all use to. The week starts on Sunday (I’m at work as I type this), so the weekend is officially Friday, Saturday and Thursday afternoon depending on the company you work for.

On Fridays, when you’all are still working, we’re either at home, in church or doing some random fun stuff. And when you’ll are enjoying the Sunday sun, rice/plantain (My Nigerians will understand this) having picnic and barbecues outside, we are working. And I dont get to tag my #sundayoutfit on Instagram because my Sunday is Friday. [wp-svg-icons icon=”sad-2″ wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”sad” wrap=”i”] Crazy stuff.
My colleagues and I planned a barbecue last Thursday evening, the photo shoot was totally unplanned but o well we took advantage of the beautiful park. I just thought to share some pictures with you guys. I barely go out during the weekends, so I was pretty much excited about the barbecue which turned out to be really fun. Hopefully I go out more often from henceforth. Also, there a lot of fun activities one can do in this country but I’m just a buzz kill I rather just stay at home in front of my system doing God knows what. Anyway, it was getting dark so I couldn’t do a proper shoot. We were just playing around. How pretty are my friends by the way??

So what do you doing during the weekend and please drop suggestions of what fun activities I could do as well.






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On your mark, Get set, Jump! p:s – My jumping game is weak

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