Taking Stock | March X Photo Diary

Oya lerrus gist!!

Oh man, guys. I miss you.

I have been busy lazy to write a! this wasn’t the plan for this year o. I’m already slacking – are slacking as well? oya confess let’s feel guilty together.


Taking stock | March
Oya lerrus gist!!


I’ve read taking stock from different bloggers, been inspired by some for the longest time, but I’ve been a tinny whinny bit sceptical to join but fuelled by desire to do something a little different on the blog today and get more personal on the blog, I decided to give this taking stock posts a shot, and I quite enjoyed the process. So, I’m going to share one every month. I hope you enjoy…


And O! Hope you don’t mind my pictures in between….kinda a photo diary.


Taking stock | March
Dear Vogue, whats up! ain’t I cover worthy?


So here we go,


Making: An effort to be more time conscious and manage time properly in order to achieve a lot within 24 hours… technically 18hrs (6hrs beauty sleep). I have a daily schedule – the first few hours for quiet time and work out (I took 45mins jog/walk this morning yo!) – my blog – my actual job – my side hustle (web design mostly) – then straight to bed.


Cooking: more keto compliant meals. I made an attempt on the cabbage swallow which came out really nice. I’ve been off and on the keto diet. It works but my love for ‘real’ food wouldn’t let me be great! I really do want to shed 20kg.  Hopefully, I share my journey/progress with you’ll soon as I’ve decided to start over again today.


Drinking: my slim tea (28 days detox) atm.  I don’t like the taste of this tea but I woke up feeling bloated and it does help reduce bloating. Also drinking lots of water because keto… and drinking flat tummy drink (Apple cider Vinegar – if you want the recipe leave a comment below) first thing in the morning and before bed. It works!


Reading: 29, single and Nigerian by Naija single girl. This book is the funniest book I’ve read in forever. The story is totally relatable especially if you’re Nigerian or African.


Wanting: to loose 20kg desperately… well not desperately because my life is a constant battle between my love for food and not wanting to be fat (I’m already fat #sigh). The other day my mum caught me eating and literally gave me the ‘I just pity for you’ look then said; I don’t know what I’ll do with you, why can’t you just discipline yourself and loose this weight once and for all. And she ended with well, your husband has to love your size just as my husband loves mine. He had better! ⁠⁠⁠😒😒😒😒😒


Taking stock | March
These turkey thighs has to go!


Looking: forward to all I hope to achieve at the end of the year


Playing: John Legend’s You & I (nobody in the world) on repeat. Dear future husband, I have decided this will be ‘one’ of our first dance songs.


Wasting: no time on social media!


Creating: a number of sketches and ideas for my clothing line collection


Sewing: Nothing!!!!! Not learning how to sew at a young age is my biggest regret in life (story for another day), dropping out of sewing school is also another regret. At least I know the basics and it’s not too late to learn


Taking stock | March
sitting pretty and waiting for bae like….


Wishing: my soulmate, my missing rib, my prince charming, my everything… will find me already. Hian! This single life is not fun anymore. 😪😪😫😫😥😥


Enjoying: my own company a lot more than ever before


Waiting: for my bae! 😍😍😍😍😍😍


Liking: Dubai weather and praying summer doesn’t come at all. We literally get roasted in the sand pit. 56 degrees yo!


Wondering: when I’ll build my multi-billion dollar empire! I mean how much longer will it take??  Arrrgghhh!!!


Taking stock | March
Oya epp me caption this one!


Loving: my clients telling me; you’re a star, you rock, great job!


Hoping: I launch my fashion business(es) as soon as possible. Stay tuned loves! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽👯👯👯


Marvelling: at the crazy and unreal stories I read on joro’s Instagram page 😳😳😯😯😲😲 (Do you follow his page also?). Honestly, these stories has changed my perception about marriage. To think they’re all real life experiences and not holly/nolly/Bollywood stories. Just wow! My story will be different o.


Needing: to decorate my room. I’m thinking black, white and a touch of gold – can’t wait show you’ll when I am done. YES! I’m excited about this one


Smelling/perceiving: the aroma of the pepper soup my mum is cooking… unfortunately, it’s for her church member that just delivered


Taking stock | March
Too bad I wouldn’t get to drink the pepper soup


Wearing: A big T-shirt and a short. I love to be free when I’m at home – I mean, let the organs breath! if I could stay naked then I gladly will but I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Thanks to mumc. She says stuffs like what if the neighbours are videoing you? You’d wake up to your nakedness on the internet. Mind you, they are meters away and during the day even at night you can’t see inside the houses. #Africanmothers


Noticing: how writing this taking stock is not as easy as I thought, the list feels endless but I’m enjoying every bit of it


Knowing: that I will be very successful and will be an amazing wife, mother, mentor and o! I’m already an amazing friend 👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽


Feeling: Beyond grateful (and amazed) for how my year has turned out so far and excited about deciding to become a full member of COZA Dubai 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


Taking stock | March
Someone please take me shopping!!!!


Thinking: of different needs and creating a businesses around them – offer solutions and also thinking of SHOPPING… been a minute!


Following: more bloggers and fashion designers on Instagram


Hearing: the sound of air planes flying over my roof every 5mins. So freaking annoying! My house is 15 mins away from the airport


Opening: a pack of Quaker oats cookies. I have an addiction… addicted to junks – tbh, I don’t really eat food but junks! I feel incomplete without them stuffed down my mouth. I had to hide this biscuit under my jacket from my mum and Morris (the brother) so they don’t judge me. Please don’t judge me o! Somebody cannot eat in peace again. I know I’m supposed to start keto-ing again today but…junk happened – this biscuit is the type that literally calls your name when you walking down the biscuit isle. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈


Taking stock | March
Let me cover my face in shame


Giggling: at myself for hiding the biscuit under my jacket… shet! I can’t believe I actually did that 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 smh Tega smh!


Bookmarking: awesome blogs with awesome contents


Rushing: off, so I can start my day job. Perks of working from home!



 Thank you so much for being here, and any thoughts from you will be appreciated as well, so please feel free to comment!



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  1. Weh don ma, oya continue just when I said oh finely she is starting keto I got down to read about the biscuit smh. And who said you’re a great friend?, in your dreams lol.

  2. Ma’am, you deserve a cover on vogue (no washing), abeg!!, how do you feel comfortable with cameras and look all natural,interesting.
    Everybody is waiting for bae oooo, I need shopping too, am sooooooo broke to stupor.
    Don’t worry, that multi-billion dollar empire is loading, just keep on keeping on.
    And am glad you started a ‘taking stock’ category, a Lil spice of personal on the blog.

    Am please…. Biko, is the NSG book transferable🙈🙈?, have been wanting to read it but…….

    • Chai I will be on vogue someday 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 AMEN!!!! Infact I’ve gone to change my caption in that picture 😂😂😂.
      Hmmm I love pictures too much 😂😂 but you can find me in a video. I’m not confident enough Biko!
      This bae that has refused to come. Let’s better organize fasting and prayer.
      I’m glad I started the category as well.
      Send me your address so I can send one to you.
      Thanks sweetie!

  3. Greetings from the Association of The Bae-less and Boo-less. It’s harrrrd sometimes but we gotta stay strong. Just remember that each new day brings you closer and closer to this elusive The One, lol.

    I absolutely loved reading this! You’re such a stunner. I bought 29 and single a while back but still haven’t read it. Loll at your mum, though.

    And cabbage swallow…? *side-eye, babe, side-eye*

    • 😂😂…please each day should bring him to me already 😫😫😫. Where are the men?
      Been reading mine since forever.
      Thanks love. 😂😂😂 I swear the cabbage swallow tasted nice.

  4. Interesting post. Why can’t one just eat whatever and remain whatever size they want? You were legit having a good time when you took these photos. It shows! I enjoyed this.

  5. After reading this, you are forgiven for being lazy to upload a new post! Haha. I totally agree with being comfortable at home, I mean… if you aren’t comfortable in your home, where else will you be comfortable?

    Thank you for sharing and have a productive week!
    Oréoluwa’s blog

  6. Lol. To be honest, I don’t know if those stories on that Instagram page are real. I see bits and pieces on twitter. If they are, then that’s sad! I think those fitness groups work – ultimately it comes doen to discipline – eating right and working out! Bae is on the way – fret not!

  7. Lol. You are such a fun writer, tega. Loosing weight is not as easy and fast as the internet makes it seem. You have to understand that it will take time but you will loose it all eventually if you are truly determined. Every little step counts. I understood this better when I lost 6kg. I never thought I was shedding weight till I checked the scale. It’s all about the food you eat. No soft drinks, no junk, very little food but bigger chicken, fish, meat etc. No fries, more walking and you will be surprised at the result.

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