My Pakistan Wedding Experience

Hey dolls! hope you had a great weekend. Well, over the weekend i attended a Pakistan wedding and yes i love weddings. who doesn’t though? The emotions, the people, the decoration, the vow, the love and of course the beautiful outfits and trust me this people have breath taken cultural attires slight resembling the Indian attire but with a richer fabric. As usual what to wear was even a more difficult issue as the bride requested we wear bright colored outfits and properly cover up. Couldn’t decide on what to wear so i thought not to attend the wedding but mama is bent on me socializing hence the beautiful dress i wore. The wedding was 3 different ceremonies cant remember the names, to commence at 7:30pm, 9:00pm and 11pm.  We got there by 6:30pm in the bid to snap pictures before the ceremony begins and guess what the first ceremony was held in different venue. Well i couldn’t be bothered , provided i was taking pictures but as the hours flew by i got tired, sleepy and above all hungry. At least they were kind enough to offer us drinks and a live stream of the first ceremony.

 Guest began arriving say 10pm, what a relieve! thinking that the 2nd ceremony would start almost immediately but it didn’t, it took about another 1hour 30mins for the bride and the groom to get change to their second outfit.  And there i thought it was only Africans that do not keep to time #Africantime. To console us, we were offer more drinks and i fed my eyes with the beautiful outfits of various guest which in turn suppressed my hunger a little bit. Finally, the groom came in with a group of drummers, friends and family, then in say 30mins the bride walked the isle with her parents holding both hands, a different group of drummers, friends as well as family. She looked extremely beautiful though her face was covered with a transparent veil.  And then the moment i had been waiting for came #item7 after a short prayer was said for the couples. It was a buffet with different pakistan/indian dishes, with mixed fruits and cheese cake for the appetizer.

At some point i almost left because hunger had taken a better part of me #foodie but then i thought how do i attend a wedding and not eat? like who does that! besides if i have waited for almost 5hrs why cant i stay for just 1 more. So i waited not just because of the food but i wanted to see how their weddings are celebrated. Sadly, nothing more than just greeting the couple and taking pictures happened. I must say i was a bit disappointed because i came with the hope of experiencing something fun and different from our African wedding. You know, i came with my dancing shoes!. I guess African wedding are still the most interesting and am preparing myself for my big day. Yikes!!! Can’t wait.

Its rather unfortunate that its against the law to post pictures of others in the united Arab emirates. The reason i cant upload pictures of the couples and guest i took from the wedding.












A girl has to take selfies. [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy-2″ wrap=”i”]



The wedding venue. That’s the bride on the projector . I hope i don’t get arrested. lol



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