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Pardon me while I start a war. First thing first this piece is not for the faint-hearted but rather for those who will be courageous enough to look their parent in the face today and say mummy, daddy how market? Why didn’t you send me to national stadium to punch bag?

If your parents are still brutal both in words and in might in this day and time, I beg you; do not try this dangerous act, you will fail. There might be no “omogwo” or generational blessing to fall on you. But if you see it as I see it, You will agree with me that after today’s boxing match your University degree is… Well let me just leave it there and go straight to the main point.

Few hours ago two grown up adults stepped into the boxing ring, threw punches at each other in the face until one person broke down and said “Ayam not doing again”. They went away millions of dollars despite the fact that one person lost. While we the viewers all went back to our little shelve either happy or sad thinking about the money we lost in stupid betting or rejoicing for the free money you’ve won from the bet.


What happened was very simple. Uncle Mayweather and that brother Mcgregor settled their long time beef in a nice way. What we fail to realize is that anyone of us could have been on that ring making our own millions if only we had taken our childhood fights a bit more serious. Today I am asking you, how many beef can you even settle like this? The one that you will settle and they will pay you. I bet you wish all beef were being handled this way. You fight, they give the both of you money, you go home and treat yourself.. right? Some of you will probably say ordinary boxing that you will hit somebody and somebody will hit you back. Ahah, commando, I support you. But the truth is; you cannot be Mayweather. Well, maybe in another lifetime – that is three decades of training manifesting in day light. If you like change your name to September weather.


LAS VEGAS, NV – AUGUST 26: (L-R) Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor shake hands after Mayweather’s 10th round TKO victory in their super welterweight boxing match on August 26, 2017 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


But I totally enjoyed the fight. My man for the night was obviously Mayweather. You might have taken sides with MCgregor, even though I know you will not accept it, especially now that May Money Weather has humbled him; But all the same, that guy Mayweather junior is a professional “agbero” and the last thing anyone could have done to him was to send a “parotic” Irish man to go around and saying I can fight, I can fight. Don’t get me wrong I respect his (Mcgregor’s) courage, he is truly a notorious one but we know water been don pass garri since.


While I find it quite interesting that these two are able to make so much money in one night, I also can’t help but commend their ability to utilize fight to make a living. Something that our parents and family members use to warn us about. Sometime I wonder why all the things our parents told us not to do as kids now sell like lacasera and gala on Lagos traffic.


You play Football back then; they say you don’t have a future, you should go inside and read a book. look at Naymer junior today.. This is exactly how slave trade should have been right from the beginning. Sell me to any club pay me more money. You start a fight in the house or anywhere, they’ll beat you up and say, you will kill yourself one day. Just look at Mayweather and this MCgregor today; even the referee Byrd walked away with million. Imagine telling your parents you want to be a referee when you grow up… You whistle small in the house to a nice tune, only whistling O! not even singing, they will say you are a good for nothing somebody.. Look at small wizkid gallivanting all over the place shouting daddy Yo, daddy Yo and making millions.

Now if you where born in the 90’s or 80’s and most likely in Nigeria you will definitely relate to this piece. The amount of grass that I mold Should have made me a professionals grass cuter today, but for where. All the things they did to you and I in the name of discipline and trying to ensure you secure the future. All the plates they made you wash, yet you can’t even become a professional dish washer today for compensation sake.


Today I Urge you in all honesty if you have been touched by what happen in that ring; the millions that will possibly feed 4 generations and you’re courageous enough, please call up your parents ask them how far, how market. Why didn’t you allow me to fight? All those small fight you use to start in parties, in schools and even in churches; the best place they could have taken you to could have been the boxing ring to train, but they rather took you down to pastor Emanuel to lay hands on you, casting out the spirit of fighting. Casting out millions, Literally.


Remind them today that two short boys went into the ring and within thirty minutes came out with millions of dollars. Millions that will take you years to make with that white collar job of yours, that you keep forming James Bond with. Be sad and Tell them it is not fair. Finally look deep down inside of you and console yourself – have no regrets. There’s hope. When you get your own pikin (kids), enroll them in MMA fast fast, boxing Academy, football academy or any other talent related activities. Trust me I won’t be the one to tell you this; it is a long time investment. You can’t come and die like this. Fight for your right. You your talent to make your money abeg!


Written By
Donald Okon

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  • somto victor
    August 28, 2017

    Lol. This is funny and at the same time educating. First, I learned from the fight between the two heavy weight that we should do less talking and do more of taking action. That was why Mayweather went more round on my dear friend.

    On the other hand, parents should help discover the talent of their children and also encourage them. Like you said ” it is a long time investment “.

    Thanks. Keep moving

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