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Made in Africa Exhibition Winter Edition Dubai, 2016

If you follow me on snap chat and insta snap (or whatever it’s called), you’d see I attended the Made in Africa Exhibition last week. It was a three day exhibition showcasing African Fashion, Arts, Culture and Dance. I took the scarf styling session along side @sassythelmah. I was nervous and clueless for the first few minutes – I use to know how to tie the normal gele but it’s been a minute since I last tied any. After tying the first scarf and seeing how excited the lady was about the scarf. I gained a little more confidence and got my mojo back. There was also a make up session and I was the mannequin for the day.
I was also suppose to walk the run way during the fashion but I chickened out.
This girl is too shy. Would you believe!

It was a successful event, I had a great time and I met some really awesome people. Kudos to the organisers Afrishop in partnership with Empress O’ Event Management Company and Kiza Lounge Dubai. I’m looking forward to next year.
As always, my amazing and talented friend 512-Imaging was there to capture the event. I tell him he’s the best in this region but he’s chosen to be humble.





how to tie african scarves

She loved her scarf







ahhhh Shoki

ahhhh Shoki



I recently gave out my entire wardrobe (well majority) to charity. A decision I don’t regret. I thought I’ll find something from my empty wardrobe for the event but there was practically nothing. I had less than an hour to run to the mall, get an outfit, and make it early for my scarf tying session. Days like this, I’m lucky and happy to be a stylist. I found the jumpsuit, it was perfect but I hate to leave my cleavages on display so I had to get a white T to throw on top. Honestly, I was a bit sceptical about the outfit because I didn’t try both together to see what it looks like. I’m one of those girls that doesn’t mind trying out literally the whole boutique. It is a hobby – I could just go to the mall to try out clothes even when I don’t have money.. It legit makes me happy. If there was a job that all you have to do is try out clothes from 9-5 I’ll gladly and whole wholeheartedly jump at the offer.

The outfit turned out fab and everyone kept saying they loved the African prints. And I’m like oh it’s actually from H & M. At some point I just had to go with the flow and say thank you thank you. One man asked:
Him: Excuse me ms. Are a fashion designer?
Me: No! I’m just a fashion blogger
Him: How did you manage to combine this jumpsuit with this t shirt – It looks really beautiful on you.
Me: (Smiling sheepishly and having a I’m so proud of myself moment) Thank you very much. It is what I do.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take photos of my outfit for the fashion show. It was a rat race also – I had to go to the mall after church service with my friends this time around. You can Imagine how exhausted I was but Kiza lounge knows how to lighten up my entire week. After the fashion show, the Kiza live band took over, and believe me: when there’s music I don’t know how to behave – I’m never ever shy to dance. In fact I’m am the life of the party! In all, It was a crazy and fun night. You don’t wanna know the rest of it.




Make up from the make up session

Make up from the make up session

Make up by: @jahdalbeauty
So what do you love my outfit?

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