My Living Room Tour & Transformation

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Based on popular demand from my insta stories, I just had to do a living room tour… not my regular kind of post but then, anything for the tribe! ❤❤

As at the time we moved into this apartment, I was working in Abu Dhabi and didn’t have time to join the house searching party but the few times I joined, it was exhausting! Who knew searching for an apartment would be this tedious.

I wanted an all white painted house but since I wasn’t available, my wishes weren’t granted. They got a cream colored painted apartment. I hated it and just couldn’t wait to get decorating and make the apartment the ‘goals’ I have always wanted.

I was initially going to redesign my bedroom but then I changed my mind and decided to decorate the living room first; that was the wise thing to do – my room can wait even if we rarely have visitors. Rarely!!!

Black and white living room decoration idea

It took me a little longer than expected to get to this stage – over a year of saying I’ll decorate the living room but then I had other financial commitment and I didn’t want to do it bit by bit; paint today, buy the furniture next month, buy the carpet 2 months later… nah! I really wanted it to be completely finished at a go and perfect. I have put so much time, thought & effort into this living room so I am super excited and proud at this beauty. To be honest, these pictures don’t do any Justice!

Black and white living room decoration idea

Good thing is I knew I wanted a white and black living room with a touch of mustard yellow. After weeks of scrolling through Pinterest and searching Google for ‘white and black living room decoration ideas’, a visit to Ikea and other furniture stores, I finally got a lot of ideas and decided on what and where I needed to fix everything. Mustard yellow is my favorite color and I love the retro & classy vibe it adds to the living room. I’m so glad I included it in my color scheme.

Black and white living room decoration idea

Now, this space is quiet small and I didn’t want it looking too crowded – the goal was to have a minimalistic space. So, I was very particular about the decors and furnitures. The first step was to put up my old furniture’s for sale, it took a while to sell the old ugly brown sofa but alas I did. Forget how ugly it looks, that sofa is the most comfortable sofa ever!!! 😭😩😤

Black and white living room decoration idea

As expected, the floor had cream ugly tiles, I was going to put a light grey laminate vinyl floor but I was advised not to – except I’m willing to kiss my security deposit good bye which I hope I haven’t. I opted for a grey rug instead and I love the cozy feeling it gives the living room.

Black and white living room decoration idea
Black and white living room decoration idea
That's the Enai Clan up our exact order!

I bought almost all my frames from Ikea. I couldn’t sell my TV stand and ugly center table so I asked the painter to paint it white. Luckily, they looked really good. I still hate the center table though.

Black and white living room decoration idea
Favorite Selfie.... My vain ass. lol

My second favorite part of the living room is the gallery wall. I had to look for a lot of inspiration as I didn’t want to get it wrong and I bet I didn’t. Choosing the images for the gallery wall was kind of personal and I have a meaning for each and every one of them.

Black and white gallery wall decoration idea
On the right side is a collage of the Family.

‘Serendipity’ (go and check for the meaning if you don’t know what it means😝😜) is my favorite word so it had to be there… ‘I can & I will’ because I live for motivational quotes, ‘Thank you God for blessing me more than I deserve’ – a little gratitude, fashion illustration – just my personality, ‘never dull your sparkle’ because positivity and a very green monstera leaf signifying fruitfulness.

Black and white gallery wall decoration idea

My bedroom was really ugly. Jeez!!! 😂🤣 I just had to DIY!. I also hated the brown divider which I also DIY-ed and absolutely love it. You wouldn’t believe this  stick on wallpaper is just AED8 (800naira) for a row and it was enough for both my bedroom door and the kitchen divider (or whatever its called).

Black and white living room decoration idea
Thats the door to my room just beside the lap stand.
Black and white living room decoration idea
I have some ugly fake plants

And to my favorite part of the living room – my corner office!. I wanted something minimal. I was going to put up a white wall shelf above my table and have my picture frame and a plant on it but that didn’t happen because that is actually a wood… so I turned the shelf into a DIY and wrapped it with a black and white marble wallpaper, I did the same with my stationeries holder. Quiet easy!

Black and white living room decoration idea
Just above, you'd see my small white board - I write all the projects I've at hand
Black and white work space decoration idea
My desk was actually black when I got it and I asked the painter to paint it white.
Black and white living room decoration idea
Black and white living room decoration idea
My DIY marble ... and O! my plant couldn't keep itself together and as a typical naija girl, i used 'rubber ring' to hold it together. lol

…& last but definitely not least – the couch! It was definitely the hardest decision of the whole process as it is the main piece of furniture in a living room and quite the investment so I wanted to make sure I was 100% happy with it! I originally planned on getting a light grey couch but I couldn’t find any that fits into my budget – I got the white for a pretty reasonable price a decision I still regret. I absolutely love my white couch but the struggle to keep this couch white is real! Let me not even get started!

Black and white living room decoration idea
This throw pillows actually faded on my white couch. Sigh
Black and white living room decoration idea

I chose this one from home center and I’m so happy with it! It’s the perfect size for the room and fits in great with the rest of the furniture. I love the fact that we all dread sitting on the couch for the fear of it getting stained.😭😂🤣!

Black and white living room decoration idea
I love the wooden legs..
Black and white living room decoration idea
My favorite blogging picture YET!!!
Black and white living room decoration idea
Surprisingly not dead yet. I water my plants every morning... I've missed some days sha...let me not lie! lol

For those in Dubai, I got the decor from this stores. You can also get this items if the store is available in your country.

Sofa – Home Center
Gallery wall frames and big frames – Ikea
Wall Shelf – Home Box
Curtain – Ikea
Office Desk – Ikea (but I bought it from someone on Dubizzle)
Corner Shelf – Home box
Mustard yellow throw pillow cover – Home Box
Black and Big Black & White throw pillow cover – Ikea
Smaller Striped Black & White throw pillow cover – Gift from a Client
Lamp Stand – Home Box
Rug – Dragon Mart
White office chair and Mustard Yellow chairs – Dragon Mart
Flower Vase and life plants – Ikea
Fake Plants and other vases – Discount Center in Ajman
White board – Day to Day
White fur Rug – Ikea
Wall Papers – Discount Center Sharjah (You can also find them in Day to Day)

With this few pictures of mine I hope I have been able to convince you that I am an Interior Designer at heart.
Thanks for reading!

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