Life Update: Where have I been?

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Well, it’s been a while since I last blogged.

Nigerian Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Life Update

Let’s just blame it on my poor time management skills and adulting… Or maybe not. I have been overwhelmed with so many things that I just couldn’t be in the blogosphere.

There are days when I feel like I can conquer the world and there are others where nothing gets accomplished no matter how hard I try. It has not exactly been easy but I thank God for life itself.

It just so happens that I have time NOW and decided to make a comeback. Not an epic one though. So here’s a life update to give you an insight of why I have been MIA. I’m dishing out on the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hold on because this is going to be a long but good one.

So, what have I been up to really?

I have been working! Between my day job, side hustle, and school, I’ve been hella busy.

Nothing interesting really.

I have been adulting. Basically!

To be honest, It has not been easy. If anyone had told me that Tega would choose bills over clothes say 2 years ago, I’d say it’s a big fat lie 😫😫😫.

When reality slaps you hard in the face, you’d set your priorities straight.

Man! The struggle has been real but we need to keep striving and working hard(er). One day one-day e go better.

Truth is no one knows your struggle. People see your pictures and just leap into conclusion. Literally! The thing people have failed to realize about social media is; YOU (I) are in control. You show them what you want them to see.!

I think the only interesting thing I did was a 10-day life detox. Spiritual, social media, emotional, health, and financial detox. Don’t ask me how it all went 😬😬😭😭. Bruh!! I was OFF social media for 10 days and I survived. I think that was the highlight of the detox. I promise I didn’t even miss social media. Being off SM gave me extra time to get things done. I am proud of that achievement.

Dubai Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Life Update

Side Note: The theme for this shoot was ‘glow in the dark’ ok, I just came up with that.🙌🏽😜😄… I had just gotten the Fenty Beauty trophy wife highlighter. That was the inspiration behind the photo shoot. It makes you glow mami… the dark lippie was just me being extra.


Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Life Update
Blogger Life Update

I have been working on being more creative with my content on Instagram especially. Most times I feel I can offer way more than I am offering content-wise. You know the quote:

You are capable of more than you can ever imagine

Yeap, that quote. This is how I feel virtually every day – there’s so many inspiration out there especially on the gram that gets me questioning what I am doing with my life 🤔💁🏽‍♀🤔. It’s a good thing because it pushes me to do better.

I’ve been doing a little photography and I’ve actually fallen in love with the idea of being a photographer. Photography is quite interesting until you have to edit pictures 😭😭😭. My least favorite thing to do. I even attended a free canon photography class last weekend. You see. I am actually serious about this photography thing. Apparently, my camera has much more potential if I learn how to properly use it.

Yeap! you guessed right. I took the pictures you are looking at right now. Come on, give me some credit.

Blogger Life Update

And I almost forgot…. I have been trying to get my Dubai Driving Licence for ages. It has been a struggle, torment, nightmare, a journey of a million mile, money sucking… You get the gist. Sigh. As I write this, I have my assessment test in the next 2 hours. Just pray for me Y’all. I’ll be back to update you.

Yay… I passed 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽. Now I have to do 4 high way classes then the final test. Please pray for me o! I am serious… say a prayer for your girl biko 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.

The elephant in the room

The biggest change in my life recently was quitting my job. I worked as a web designer and digital marketer at an E-commerce company for over a year. It wasn’t an easy decision to take for the obvious reasons: what am I going to do after I quit? I don’t even have another job lined up! Am I an idiot for leaving this job for uncertainty? Knowing how difficult getting another job in Dubai is.

Well, I do not regret my decision for quitting. I had other personal reasons for quitting the job especially the workload that comes with rounding up my Master’s degree. Yay!! I have been busy with school work. Brain draining literally. Writing reports, group presentations, research proposal, dissertation… no one said it was gonna be easy!

While I enjoyed what I did for the most part and am so grateful for all the things that I learned, it got to a point where I wasn’t happy anymore. There wasn’t a big reason behind it. Instead, there were a lot of small reasons one top of each other that led me to quit. Mostly because I was working on aspects of my job that I DO NOT like. Data entry and Photo editing for instance.

Blogger Life Update
My reaction when I realized I am officially jobless 😫😭😅

Working on a new project

Besides looking for a new job – of which I am uncertain if it is what I really want. But you have to keep the income coming – To be honest, 9-5 is not for me. I am working on promoting myself as a web designer and digital marketer. At the moment, web design is my main source of income which has great potential. If all goes as planned, then Y’all will be looking at a full-time entrepreneur; a full-time blogger may be. By God’s grace 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. I also want to go into product photography. So, I am attending all the free photography classes available.🤣🤣🤣

I started an e-commerce store called – I do not want to share any details here as I am saving it for a blog post. So stay tuned!

Nigerian Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Life Update
Tega Enai Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Life Update

On fitness journey

Pleassssseee where are they donating fat, I want to donate my excesses. This journey is one of the biggest challenges in my life. No Jokes! If I can reach my destination then I believe I can do anything in life. I know I can do this! This is the assurance I give myself each time I decide to get on the bandwagon over and over again. Today is 1st of April…happy new month by the way. I have decided to do a 21 days diet. I am gonna say no more. Let us see how it goes.
P:s – Within this few months I have done the keto diet, egg diet, low carbs diet, and military diet. I’ll be sharing a blog post on the military diet in a few days. It has been the most effective thus far.

Tega Enai Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Life Update
I am so excited to be back. Are you excited to have me back?

The plan from here on out

I’d like to say that I have all these amazing things in the pipeline, but right now my goal is just to survive and surpass. Survive every day and surpass my expectations.

On Life I am just going to live life as it comes and strive to be a better version of me every day. God has blessed me with the gift of being calm even in the storm. Let God’s plan for me unfold.

On blogging – the goal is to be consistent and create great content.

On my businesses – promote, promote, promote, and increase my client base. More clients mean more work and more work means more money. I just have to work thrice as hard.

On my goals – I’m certainly not letting the hurdles discourage me. I haven’t lost sight of my goals. I am still heads-on working towards achieving them.

And there you have it! A little life update of Tega Enai. Told ya nothing major really has been happening asides just hustling and trying to get by with life.
To you all that reached out, you’re the realest MVPs.

I appreciate you!

Looking forward to sharing more posts on the blog. I have a bit of time in my hands so there’s no excuse whatsoever to being inconsistent on the blog.

I’m back tribe!

Miss you all. 💖💖💖

What have you been up to recently?

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  • Demilade
    April 4, 2018

    Ayy welcome back Tega! First of all, you did a great job with the pictures and your makeup, you look wonderful!
    Congrats on passing your test and also rounding up with school, that’s awesome. I pray everything works out for you the way you want it career wise (and life wise too). You’ve definitely been up to a lot lately, welcome back again! xx

    Coco Bella Blog

  • Bubu Green
    April 6, 2018

    Gurrrrl, you had a lot going on. Even I, got dizzy reading through all you had to Glad you are taking it one day at a time.I love photography but that editing…tell me about it. Smh. About the e-commerce store, wouldn’t mind you dishing on the details on setting it up ‘cos I’m on it as well. I got overwhelmed setting it up and just decided to breathe a bit. I’d send you an email in that regard. Anyway, welcome back and yellow looks good on you.

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