15 Reasons why Dwayne ‘THE ROCK’ Johnson is my favorite celebrity on earth

Sexiest Man Alive 2016 Dwayne Johnson The Rock photographed in Kailua, Hawaii on September 13, 2016 Photographer: Jeff Lipsky Barber: Rachel Solow Makeup: Merc Arceneaux/Merc Beauty Inc. Prop Stylist: Chris Reiner Stylist: Robert Mata Shirt: John Varvatos† Jeans: AG Jeans†

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for all the wins, people!


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the sexiest man on earth

Well-deserved award I must say.

No, I don’t just love him because of his muscles. In fact I don’t like his muscles at all – I love muscular men but in moderation Dwayne’s is just too much for me. My first thought is always – if this man grabs me!!!😅😂😍

O yes, he’s so damn cute! Plus he’s incredibly charming, has a beautiful smile, he is hilarious, and gives great vibes.

After rising to fame while dominating the wrestling world, The Rock switched it up and made a name for himself as an actor, quickly becoming a bonafide movie star.

Maybe I love the fact that he has remained so humble in the face of so much success or the fact that he is a multi-talented, charismatic actor and TV personality. I appreciate actors that can fit into any role and be effortless while at it.

Not only can The Rock play an action-hero, but he can take on comedic roles, too (sometimes unintentionally, like The Tooth Fairy which we’ll always laugh at), animations and just any role.

OMG! I just can’t seem to get enough of him.

I was blown away after watching Moana (I love animations). At that moment I knew that he’s my favorite celebrity on earth – not like I didn’t already have enough conviction. I just knew!

This actor doesn’t merely ooze charisma on screen… he does some pretty awesome stuff off of it.

His IG page his very interesting and his captions are the best. 😃😃😃

Here are 15 reasons why I and the world absolutely adores Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


1. He is the sexiest man on earth

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has been named the Sexiest Man Alive by People’s magazine and rightfully so. Most women will agree with me.😉  The Rock is one fine guy 😍😍.  As for you fellas, take your unfit asses to the gym! 😜😝😛


2. He is an amazing Dad

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a proud father to his daughter Simone Johnson, his child with his former wife Dany Garcia.

And adorable Jasmine from his current wife. Shes soooo cute 😍😍

I love this picture!

Read the caption


3. He’s a damn good singer

I had this song is from the Moana Animation on repeat. You should see Moana if you haven’t! I bet you’d love it.
P:s – This was by best animation for 2016

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🎶🎼🎤Big Digital HD release for our 2x OSCAR nominated #MOANA. I'm so grateful our movie touched a magical chord with people to become a global phenomenon. Powered by our film's heartbeat and soul… our music. One of the coolest parts of this whole thing is having everyone from truck drivers to toddlers, from lovely ladies to dudes in the gym… they all ask to me sing a few lines of "You're Welcome" to which I respectfully reply, "You can taste the steak all you want, but the gravy ain't free". They look confused and start nervously laughing.. I just stare and make the whole thing uncomfortable.. then I break out in laughter.. then they break out in laughter.. then I start singing.. then they start singing with me.. then I stop and say, "no seriously, pay up". Everyone wins. #Moana #YoureWelcome #DigitalHD TODAY!

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A clip from Moana

Baby Jazzy 1st Birthday


4. He appreciates women


5. He is a ‘lowkey’ foodie


6. He is a beast

Well… we all know this. Those muscles didn’t fall from heaven!


7. He appreciates his family and he is generous

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Bought my dad a Christmas gift and surprised him. He's had a hard life. This one felt good. My dad, Rocky Johnson is a minimalist. Always has been. Never asks me for much and over the years his needs are always the barest. Crazy story, my dad's dad died when he was 13yrs old. That Christmas, my dad's mom had her new boyfriend over for Christmas dinner. Her boyfriend got drunk and pissed on the turkey. My dad went outside, got a shovel, drew a line in the snow and said if you cross that line I'll kill you. The drunk crossed it and my dad laid him out cold as a block of ice. Cops were called. They told my dad's mom that when her boyfriend regains consciousness, he's gonna kill your son so one of them has got to go. In front of the entire family, my dad's mom looked at him and said get out. He was 13yrs old and now homeless. That f*cked up true story happened in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1954. He needed the bare minimum then, just like does now. Over the years, I've moved him into a big home, got him trucks to drive – which he'll literally drive into the ground until I get him something else. Hell, I'll get him anything he wants, but the SOB just won't ask;). Every Christmas, I always think about that story and my dad having every odd stacked against him at 13, but he fought thru it and still made something of himself. Makes me appreciate his struggle and hard work. Also, makes me appreciate the fun times he would beat my ass in the gym so bad when I was 13 and say "If you're gonna throw up, go outside.. and if you're gonna cry, then go home to your mother". I hated it then, but I embrace it now. Made a man outta me. Without pissing on my turkey. 😂👍🏾. Just a small way of saying thank you dad and Merry Christmas! #DwantaClaus🎅🏾

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#TBT Surprising my mom with a new car for Christmas. Couldn't remember what her favorite color was between white or red, so I went with white. A few weeks later she was curious as to why I chose white and not her favorite color, red? I told her I couldn't remember her favorite color so I went with white, but I would return the car and get her a new red one?! She looked at me like I had three heads and said "Are you crazy? Nooooo way, I love my white car! I'm so grateful. I was just curious." I even contemplated secretly taking her car from her garage and having it replaced with a new red one, but thought I better not and just leave well enough alone. Then as fate would have it, she was hit head on by a drunk driver – she survived. Her white car was completely totaled and she wound up getting a replacement car of the color she always wanted… Red. Funny (and gratefully) how things work out the way they're meant to. And still to this day she says that white car saved my life. #GoodOlFashionFate #IsAlwaysColorBlind

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8. He is hilarious


9. He is THE ROCK

He won about 20 championships over the course of his wrestling career both in the WWF and WWE

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For TONIGHT's huge 900th episode of SMACKDOWN, the @WWE asked if I would post something cool considering the show was created 899 episodes ago in my honor. Told them it'd be my pleasure. Here's some cool facts they sent over. * The Rock main-evented the most highest rated episodes of Smackdown Live in history. The Rock holds the record for most Smackdown Live main events in a year (36). * Now here's a fun fact that's NOT in the record books. "The Rock" also holds the record for going WAY OVER his allotted time given for his matches than any performer in Smackdown history. For ex: if I was given 20min total match time, I would notoriously hit the 35min mark causing a ripple effect in the 2 hour TV show. Reason this would always happen is, every night I would wrestle and only be concerned with one thing: listening to the people. And every night, I learned to let THEM dictate how long my matches were. After the match I would walk back thru the curtain and Vince would be pissed. He'd say "God dammit Rock! Great match but you went over time". I'd immediately say "I'm sorry Vince and I understand, but.. I was listening to the people and you just can't rush greatness". He would look at me with that iconic "Vince glare" and not say a word for 4-5 very long seconds… then break out in a big smile and say "that's right. You can't rush greatness". Then we'd hug and I'd get his $5,000 suit all f*cked up with sweat. Those were good times. CONGRATS WWE and the entire roster on your big night. Very proud and happy for you. Take care of my show dammit and above all else… Don't be like me and stay on time. 😉 #SmackdownLIVE #SDLive900 #900Strong #TheRocksShow #TheVinceGlare #YouCantRushGreatness 😈☠️

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I worked hard, we had fun and I got a lil' lucky at #WrestleMania. An honor to have broken TWO ALL TIME RECORDS. NEW ALL TIME #WrestleMania ATTENDANCE RECORD of 101, 763 strong. NEW ALL TIME QUICKEST WIN IN THE HISTORY OF #WrestleMania. Beating my opponent in 6 seconds. Thank you to ALL the WWE employees (so many of you I've never had the pleasure of meeting) who worked their butts off to make this night a huge success. Congratulations and what a win. Thank you to my in ring "dancin' partners" who came to the dance with one goal – to "own the night". Big bad talented dudes. Wyatts. And most importantly to the fans – THANK YOU for giving it up tonight and enjoyin' the record breaking ride. You are and will always be the greatest connection I have. You're simply the best and I'm grateful. Aaaaand Ho-lee f*ck were you loud tonight!👏🏾👊🏾 #WrestleMania #TwoAllTimeRecordsSet #FastestPinEver #AllTimeAttendanceRecord #101ThousandStrong #AndOneBigBrownTattooedBaldGuy

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10. He is the definition of a ‘movie star’

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Been shooting #Jumanji for months now and I've been waiting patiently for this night to come… In the original movie, the world of #Jumanji came to us. Now 20yrs later in our continuation of the story, we go to the amazing and deadly world of #Jumanji. For months we've shot everything.. all the comedy, all the jungle action and all the heart. Finally, tonight – Saturday night – all night – I get to knuckle up with my stunt brothers and I get to beat some ass like a drum. My stunt brother here @taitfletcher is going night night. And when he wakes up, I'll be good as gone cause he can rearrange my face with one punch. Let's get it on boys and have some fun. #OnSet #KnuckleUp #BeatingAssesLikeDrums #BeenWaitingForMonths #StuntBrotherLuv #Jumanji #Tonights4YouAlanParrish💫

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And yea! He is the highest paid actor in the world. A pretty fantastic feat for a former wrestler.


11. He is mischievous and has a goofy sense of humor


12. He loves his fans

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Many of you know the story of strong lil' Tater who's wish it was to meet me. Been sitting on this post for a few days now, 'cause I wasn't sure how to express it.. but here goes. We go thru life and work hard, enjoy some successes, learn from our mistakes, provide for and protect our families – as a man there's some things I'm 100% certain of. Those are things I/we can control. Then there's some things, as much as it pains me, we just can't. I don't know why this lil' 7yr old boy was chosen to battle cancer. Fighting it hard core daily. Was it so his fight could inspire everyone around him? Was it ensure we would wake up everyday with a greater gratitude for life and hug our loved ones that much stronger? I believe everything happens for a reason – but sometimes it requires us to have faith to look deeper to know what they are. A few days ago Lil' Tater passed on, earned his angel wings and is no longer in pain. Our strength and love go out to Tater's mom, dad and sisters whom I had the privilege of spending time with on our set of Baywatch. As a dad, I'd do anything to put a smile on my girl's faces and Tater's mom and dad did everything they could to make this little boy smile. He sure did and it was beautiful. And we all smiled with him. We can't control what's around the corner, but we can ALWAYS control our effort and how we choose to LIVE and LOVE in this unpredictable, crazy and amazing thing we call life. Effort is our choice. #LiveLikeTater (after writing this post I'm counting my blessings and motivated to be productive today and run thru a wall like a maniac. Which would DEFINITELY make Tater laugh😂🙏🏾).

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13. He has a heart melting smile


14. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a fine ass man

Did I say I didn’t like too much muscles??? I think I’m beginning to reconsider that statement


15. He’s got style

He’s got style! Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson always pulls out all the stops when making a red carpet appearance.


Without a doubt, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the greatest entertainers of our time. For all the joy he brings us fans and the extreme dedication he puts into everything he does, The Rock has earned his place as The Most Electrifying Man In Entertainment. With countless reasons to love this gentle giant, hopefully you enjoyed these few tidbits that highlight not just the icon “The Rock” but the amazing man Dwayne Johnson as well.

And if you don’t already love him….what’s wrong with you?

Thanks for reading and be sure to share your favorite reason to love The Rock in the comments below!





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  1. I loved loved him in Fast and Furious 8. The way he was gentle with the little girls. There’s something about being strong and gentle at same time..

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