I feel like this is an irrelevant post but I just have to know your opinion. I grew up with the notion that somewhere out there in the world there’s this one special person who was created specifically to complete you. That one person whose rib was removed and placed in his significant other. Like literally! Of course this a beautiful story for all we fairy tale sucked up individuals waiting patiently and heartily for our self-defined/constructed prince charming (and Cinderella) to come sweep us off our feet. But you know as we grow older we grow wiser and the wiser me has been questioning if this soul mate theory is just a paradox that goes beyond fairy tales, myths or fallacy.

Take for instance your supposed to be soul mate is at one end of the world and you at the other end the chances of you both meeting in your life time is nearly impossible. Or if you eventually find the soul mate and s/he is not your soul mate after all because s/he is not tall, dark, curvy, beautiful and handsome. Except basic features is not part of what makes a soul mate a soul mate, if not what other features and personalities defines a soul mate? As no one is perfect and a soul mate is supposed to be ‘perfection’ right?

In my opinion, if soul mates truly exits there would be a zillion “and they lived happily ever after” lives out there which unfortunately is not the case this days. Soul mate to me is just a myth but one thing for sure is to “every man there’s a perfect woman” now that’s more of the reality. i believe “Soul mates are made and not found”.

Someone please educate me if am wrong.

Thanks for reading and please do not forget to share your opinion.



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