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Diary of a Snapchat addict

Love it or hate it – we can’t deny that Snapchat is one of; if not the most interesting and realest social media apps the human race has known…The current craze of the millennial generation…Ok I’m being overly dramatic BUT compared other apps, It allows you to send videos and pictures, add a caption or doodle or lens graphic over top, and send it to a friend, both of which will self destruct after a few seconds of a person viewing them. Want a drop dead gorgeous selfie? try Snapchat filters. The ever-changing filters make it even easier to send snaps regardless of amount of makeup you’re wearing or how attractive you feel. Add a cute filter to the snap, and you’d be surprised how much your self confidence can grow. Awesomely amazing init! I’m certain the majority knows how it works, dont tell I’m the only addict! Anyways, Best part is your picture or video will never never be seen by the light of day again – at least that’s what snapchat agreement states regardless, we all know they’re all stored on a sever somewhere. Nothing leaves the internet! I repeat nothing leaves the internet.

Say three four weeks ago, 1-2hrs of 24hrs that isn’t even enough was dedicated to snapchat. I ain’t proud but I was totally hooked. I dedicated 10 mins every morning for snapchat. 10 mins wasn’t enough as I found myself running to catch up with the bus almost every other day. No jokes… damn snapchat! You had my undivided attention. We were literally married, snapchat was my solace in lonely and boring days…Typically my everyday!

But alas, my very busy schedule has broken the undying relationship I had with snapchat although I still find traces of my addiction but like every other bad habit, It takes a while to completely leave the system. That is my consolation…clearly I’m a bit deluded… Now I just watch peoples snaps when I have time which I never do.

Checkout my favourite filters and a compilation of videos while I was at it…. To think I was am a boring snapper!
Are you addicted also? Are you yet to realize you are? Do you need a ‘deliver me from snapchat’ intervention???
Let me know in the comment box below.
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