Conversations with my mind: Where do great ideas come from?

It’s exactly 2am.

My imagination and thoughts are running from the North Pole to the South Pole; I am literally having a conversation with myself. Where do great Ideas come from?  How do creative geniuses think?

where do great ideas come from

There are a million bloggers out there! Not just bloggers but creative people. True. but how do I stand out? What should I do differently? For the past couple of days I have heard this voice saying – Tega there’s so much creativity in you that’s going to waste, you can give so much more than you can ever imagine – untapped potential!.

I pick up my pen and I start brainstorming – what more can I offer? I have written out some awesome ideas…Thank you, Lord! And Yes I know it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to see them actualized.

But will these so-called awesome ideas change my life forever? Will it have a positive impact on the world? Will it be the first of its kind? Best believe that there’s someone out there has thought of that same idea, another in the process of actualizing it, and has been actualized by someone else.

A friend said to me; Tega this is going to be your best year yet and it stuck! I wake up every morning and the first thought that comes to my mind is; This is going to be my best year yet – its day 64 of 365 already! Tbh, I can see the manifestation in my life already; it’s been a good 64 days so far and even better to come. Amen! Yet I wake up feeling unfulfilled, it feels like I have got a 9-month-old baby ready to burst out my womb. I don’t know the feeling really lol… but this is how best I can describe this feeling.

I want to be I am a Mogul, an Icon, a Mentor, a Creative Genius, I want to will impact the world…🙌🏽🙏🏽😊 I can literally hear DJ Khaled saying all these incredible things to me just as he says it to his adorable son every day. Speaking of father goals!

Yes! not just me but we all want to be these amazing things, we want to be successful, some even want success overnight – not like I will mind though.😃😄😆 Some ideas can turn your life around overnight – Nothing is impossible!


Please o, how do people come up with genius ideas?

  • How does one think of creating Facebook?
  • How does one think of developing an Uber app?
  • How does one think of starting a multi-billion dollars company (I know it doesn’t happen overnight but then it was just an idea some years back)
  • How do people come up with all kind creative ideas?
  • How does one come up with an idea that changes the game?

I am very much aware that we need to push ourselves and brain to the limit, there’s so much potential in us waiting to be tapped. But the question is how do you get that ONE IDEA? Asides asking God to give you that idea that will change your life forever.

Like my father will say when we bring our results at the end of the school term: The person that took the first position, how many head(s) does s(he) have???  😂😂😂

My point is they all have one head, so do we: so where do great ideas come from?

How many of you also say this prayer? God give me just ONE IDEA… Just ONE IDEA. I am so guilty, I say this prayer even unconsciously every day.

My brothers and sisters (feeling like one preacher 😂😂😂 ), All it takes is ONE IDEA.

P:S – My new series ‘conversations with my mind’ and ‘candid talk’ will be an avenue to learn from each and every one of you. I want to know your perspectives on different life issues.

It’s not everyday tutorial and tips; sometimes if not all the time the teacher has to learn from the students. (Tell me you didn’t know you are my student 😜☺😊 )

So,  the comment box is opened for your candid opinion.

Question: Where do great Ideas come from, how do geniuses think? And have you thought of any idea that changed your life yet?


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  1. lol
    Indeed those who take 1st position have just 1 head
    You reminded me of how I used to feel when I was being asked that question by my parents too
    It made me feel like my own head was not good enough, or the others had something in theirs that I didn’t
    But that’s such a lie, my dear because we can all produce great ideas

    I do have such thoughts recently too and I have come to realise that when ‘That one’ idea comes we are never aware or expect that it is the one
    The feedback always takes us by surprise; like when you see an artist crying after being announced the winner of an award;
    Just do your best and let ‘the one idea’ surprise you
    All the best


  2. When you feel this way, then you’re ready for success. At this stage, don’t settle. It’s time to sleep late and wake-up early. Read books, pray, do what successful people do. And don’t tell any kind of person your dreams cause you may be discouraged and they may not be ready for success so you tend to follow their path and miss it. At this stage don’t talk much. The moment you learn a skill or partner with real people or you do one of your ideas, more ideas comes. You’re seeing something different that’s the invisible, don’t expect people to see the same, it’s your idea, now do the impossible. Focus on yourself. Take action HERE AND NOW

  3. I have these kind of conversations with my self everyday second of the day. And my sister I wouldn’t mind that over night success too o! But nothing good comes easy. You have to work not just hard but smart too. I’m really trying to explore my creative side and come up with unique ideas. It’s not easy but this year is my year too, We gon’ shine!

    As for your question… I think my blogging idea is going to change my life soon enough even if it’s still in baby stages now! I’m still thinking of money-making ideas but I believe they come from you looking around your life, your society, your environment, recognizing a need and filling it in a way that you provide value that people are willing to pay for.

    God give me that idea. Life transforming ideas IJN!!

    10 Struggles In The Life Of A University Student

    • I believe they come from you looking around your life, your society, your environment, recognising a need and filling it in a way that you provide value that people are willing to pay for.

      You are very right – The best ideas are the ones that recognises and solves a problem.


  4. You spoke my mind exactly.
    In a world where there are so many smart people, and I find myself trying to think up great ideas. I have to constantly remind myself that all things come in due time.
    God got us!

  5. For me I feel its sort of related to passion because you see basic stuff differently and notice how to make it better.
    Secondly, exposure to a lot of random information can cause that spark in your head, and every info you’ve heard or learnt starts completing the puzzle.

  6. Beautiful piece that need to be read by so many people..
    Tega I will like to promote ur blog on my handles

  7. Hmm… ‘Where do great ideas come from?’

    I ask myself this question every single moment. I think the best ideas are those that solve problems – whether big or small.

    All through last year, I kept saying to myself, ‘There has GOT to be more than all this!’ Everything was becoming so mundane. I’ve had huge ideas in my head and, like you, I always wonder how I’ll execute them. But I’ve found out that I get overwhelmed when I visualise the end goal and see my current lack of resources.

    I don’t know if that’s why you get overwhelmed as well but I’d say, for those big ideas you have, start small; just start from where you are and with what you have. Plan, then start. I actually wrote a post about this about a month ago. ( I hope, somehow, it helps you. You’ll be alright, xx.

    P.S: that overnight success won’t be a bad idea at all. Lol.

    • You made a great point hun! Sometimes lack of resources is the problem. I say to myself all them time – if I had a million dollars somewhere, I know where I’ll be right now. I also do get overwhelmed and end up not trying at all which shouldn’t be the case. So, from hence forth it is one idea at a time.
      I’ll check out your post.
      Thanks sweetie.

  8. Something about success is that it starts from your thoughts, ‘think and grow rich’.
    One thing I do is that’s once a little idea sparks up, whether around 2am or 12am, I pen it down, that’s how Facebook,uber e.t.c comes to place, ones you pen down you keep on pondering and working towards it.

    Every one is creative, we don’t just follow the process, and mn

  9. Lol @ ‘just one idea. Thought i was the only one.

    Almost every day, i feel so unfulfilled and feel like i’m boxed up where i am and needs to to ‘burst’ out……

    Where do great ideas come from? hmmmmmmmmmm, seriously my sister, i don’t know ooo…lol

    But i think that those great ideas start off with the ideator not being primarily concerned with the financial benefits consideration. It usually starts with the sole desire to add values and solve problems. I do not also think that it starts with too much “thinking” ( we too dey serious sometimes abeg). What i mean is that; it most times will come off as a joke, or play or something not very serious. And that’s where sensitivity and alertness come in very handy.

    With the feelings you currently have, i will say that you are in the right direction. Just don’t subdue it, keep pushing it and hopefully, you go born one day and we all your BV go come do ‘omugwo”….lol.

    All the best!

    • Lol 😂😂😂… we do dey serious sometimes true true 😂😂… But I mean we do all we do to earn a living so there’s always the ‘money factor’ in the end you need money and of course a voice to make an impact.

      Amen to being in the right direction oooo!
      Thanks sweetie. I appreciate your insightful comment 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  10. To start off, never get tired of that voice that prompts you that there’s so much more to give. It shouldn’t make you feel like all you’ve been doing is just trash or unworthy work, but should encourage you that the life within you is still very much purposeful. (Where/when there’s purpose or )the awareness of purpose implies that the provision to fulfil it excellently is present. It might be on a platter in front of you, playing hide and seek or lurking around in the disguise of whatever but yeah, provision, support is available.
    *I gave you a heads up about my epistles🙈 *

    It might be minute, or something really big but I feel if we have time to “take in” the ideas that spring up in our minds, they always, always, transform our lives. We shouldn’t just rush into presenting our ideas to the world around us without first, “sitting” on it
    Overnight success sounds sweet ooh but is any success really just “overnight?”
    I believe ALL good ideas come from God cos “every good and pleasant gift comes from God” I believe that every man alive is an intrinsically creative person because he is made in the image of a creative God.
    We eventually work that gift/idea based on the uniqueness of our person.
    The uniqueness of our person determines the end result. The uniqueness of our person embodies sooooo much; things within and out of our control: the concept of “due time/season”, our work ethic; our consistency, our resilience, the love we put into what we do, the faith we have concerning the ideas that spring forth from within us, the collaborations, bold steps we are able to take, the environment we are thriving/surviving in, etc
    Not every idea may create an immediate BOOM! but every good idea is for the greater good. Every idea is capable of creating effects that span through generations.
    I think we are called to be faithful, consistent, and have a “never-giving-up” attitude. I think we are called to believe in our ideas and sew in a lot of love, sweat, into them. Who knows you might just hit that BOOM! BOOM! BANG! with the next idea you’re faithful with or with the idea you’ve been devoted to for so long.
    However your ideas as Tega, evolve, understand that first off, it is NOT inferior to someone’s idea tagged “the $1M idea* understand it has been given to you so you could bring out the best possibilities within it. If you let it slide, die, someone else would just pick it up.
    I also think different ideas need different proportions of things to flourish. Some might need more time spent on them, some might need you to actually LOVE, LOVE all it entails, some might need you to pick up books to spur them(through you) to grow, hanging out with specific sets of people, etc… You must find out what it is
    What I believe is that great fits and fulfilment happens when opportunity meets preparation.
    Giiiiiiirl, your ideas are valid and you have what it takes “touch” the world from your corner ❤️
    *hopefully I didn’t blab and repeat myself over and over*

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