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Celebrating Nigeria at 56!

Happy Independence day Nigeria and Happy New month!
Despite the recession and all the wrongs happening, Nigeria by every standard is a blessed nation. From our wealthy array of natural resources to a very moderate climate free of natural disasters. We may not be perfect but our future is definitely bright by God’s grace. In case you are in doubt of God blessings upon this country, here are a few reasons.

1. We have GOD!
2. Nigerians are resilient (we persevere against all odds)
3. We have tons of highly educated people (very contradictory, considering our very low literacy level)
4. We have a moderate climate, good vegetation and free from natural disasters
5. We are very gifted and talented
6. We are rich in culture
7. Nigerians are happy people
8. Nigerians are entrepreneurial (the hustle is real)
9. Nigerians have a good sense of humour
10. Lastly, our fashion sense and creativity is on level 100.

I’m really impressed with the extend Nigerians went to mark the independence.
I just had to share some of the photos with you guys.






We are a great nation, we shall overcome. For nothing will stop us and we will stop at nothing!
Please do not stop praying for our country
God bless Nigeria!
Proudly Nigerian (any day, any time!)

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