Bucket List: 100 amazing things I want to do in my lifetime

We all have things we want to do before we kick the bucket and that is why I decided to create a bucket list of 100 amazing things I will want to do and you should do before you die.

In case you’re wondering, a bucket list is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life experiences you desire to experience before you die.

The whole point of creating this list is to maximize every moment of my existence and live my life to the fullest. It’s a reminder of all the things I want to achieve in my life time, so that instead of pandering time in pointless activities, I’m directing it fully toward what matters to me.

I decided to break them down into different categories to be more precise. Hopefully, you will find bucket list ideas and inspiration from these…


1. Travel around the world

100 things to do before you die - cruise
Santorini Greece

2. See the seven wonders of the world
3. Travel to space (Call me crazy, but I’ve always had this on my mind)
4. Travel on a cruise to another country

100 things to do before you die - cruise
5. Travel on a private jet
6. Live on a private island
7. Visit the grand canyon

100 things to do before you die - cruise
The Grand Canyon

8. Travel on train around Europe
9. Visit the amazon forest
10.See the northern lights

100 things to do before you die - cruise
The Northern Lights


11. Jump from a ship into the ocean (of course I have to learn how to swim first)
12. Skydive
13. Ride a jet ski
14. Swim with dolphins

15. Ride a horse (on a beach too)
16. Go on a safari
17. Dinner on the sky

18. Go desert skiing
19. Camp in the desert
20. Camp in the forest
21. Go snowboarding/skiing

22. Ride a hot air balloon
23. Go scuba diving and snorkeling
24. Zip line and cable line rides

25. Send a message in a bottle
26. Swim under a waterfall
27. Ride an elephant
28. Go kayaking

29. Bungee jumping
30. Go stargazing
31. Go surfing

32. Take a helicopter ride
33. Attend a polo tournament
34. Drive a fast car

35. Do something crazy I have never done before
36. Attend a carnival

37.Ride a camel in the desert
38. Stay in a 7 star hotel

39. Attend an opera
40. Attend a Broadway show
41. Attend a circuit
42. Go on the set of a Holly wood movie

43. Go to Disney land and other theme parks


Physical and Personal

44. Learn to drive
45. Learn to swim

46. Learn to ride a bicycle
47. Learn to sew
48. Learn how to salsa and tango

49. Learn to cook continental dishes
50. Learn pole dancing (because I find it fascinating)
51. Fall deeply in love — helplessly and unconditionally

52. Compete in a fitness competition
53. Take long walks (because I hate walking)
54. Hit the gym at least 2 times a week even if I am 50

55. Go on a 5 days water fasting
56. Go on a 3 days juice cleanse
57. Achieve my ideal weight
58. Run a marathon

59. Stay off junk food and carbs for a month
60. Eat Healthy
61. Pursue my passion

62. Read a thousand books
63. Stay motivating and Inspiring people
64. Organize a Gatsby themed party

65. Spend New Year’s in an exotic location
66. Dye my hair completely grey once I am 50years old



67. Get married to the love of my life
68. Speak at TED

69. Make history
70. Build my parents a dream home
71. Build a community in my hometown

72. Buy a world round air ticket for my parents
73. Become a motivational speaker



74. Build a multi-billion dollar empire
75. Build the biggest clothing manufacturing company in Nigeria/Africa
76. Own a successful fast fashion brand
77. Own different successful businesses

78. Turn a business into a franchise
79. Build my dream home
80. Own a vintage car
81. Invest in properties all over the world
82. And of course become a billionaire…



83. Create a documentary of my everyday life
84. Create a vlog
85. Write a book
86. Write 365 days of motivation book
87. Take stunning and themed photo shoots around the world

88. Do a 30 days of fashion photoshoot
89. Grow my blog to 1million monthly views
90. Organize a how to discover and maximize your potential conference
91. Organize a creative entrepreneurs conference
92. Organize a children/teenager’s holiday camp
93. Be on the cover of magazines


94. Donate to charity
95. Change people’s lives for the better
96. Become a mentor
97. Build a school
98. Organize an annual charity and fundraiser
99. Build an orphanage
100. Help promising entrepreneurs startup


So what’s on your list? Do we have a few things in common?



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    • Lmao. I dare not even mention it to my mum. Else she’ll start to preach on how it is a worldly dance.
      I hope everything is done oo..
      Thanks a lot sweetie

  1. It’s a lovely list.. Philanthropy and financial is awesome.. I have almost all if not all on my list . also want to compete in F1 someday.. 😍. But driving 😏 at this age what are you waiting for.. .. Na wa for you o.. Skydiving all these years in dubai 😒… Well I hope you achieve all..

    • Lmao I’m ashamed of myself o.. driving school drop out 😂😂😂. What have I been waiting for really? This list is a reality check. The price of sky dive Dubai will pay one month of my school fee 😂😂😂😂😂😂. I shall achieve all by Gods grace 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

  2. Well outlined.. I’m glad to have done a few. Pls add fly a plane too.. I can help u do some of them if u haven’t done dem yet.. just let me knw the one u want to start with a

  3. That’s a great list! I love it that you want to help others too!
    Adi xx

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