My 3 years braces journey and transformation | Overbite Treatment (Part 2)

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Continuation of why I got my braces and dealing with low self esteem.


You can read part I HERE


As soon as I got to Mauritius to complete my Bsc, I called up my mum again and told her it’s about time. I asked a guy in uni who had braces on for information, he said his had his for 2 years and I was like whattttttt!!!! a whole 2 years? cucu kee me.


And he said don’t worry before you know it, you will be having your braces removed.


He took me to the dentist, I had my teeth evaluated, and Xrayed. The dentist said you have a really bad overbite and it will take about 2 and half – 3 years to fix. Imagine everything that was going through my brain. A whole 3 years of my life! with a weird iron in my mouth.


A friend of mine once told me she want’s to go ‘tie’ her teeth because it will help you eat less and hence loose weight. That was the only part I was excited about; the fact I would at least loose weight. It was all lies my friends!

3 years braces journey
3 years braces journey

The Procedure


First you extract
The number of teeth you will extract depends on your treated and how protruded your teeth is. You need space in your gum to push them backward.


Had to extract 4 teeth in total within 1 week interval I think and boy, it was extremely torturous even though I was injected anesthetics. The dentist said my tooth is the strongest teeth he has ever extracted. Typical African teeth! My jaw muscles were too strong and he literally had to shake my whole mouth vigorously before the tooth came off πŸ™ I can still remember the pain… Oh the horrors!!! :O Now that’s when the importance of convenience comes in.


After extraction, your gum will keep bleeding and you’ll have to bite a cotton pad/gauze or whatever. Yet, at the same time the anesthetics effect hasn’t really gone off so you’d feel numb in your lips and saliva just keep dripping out HAHAHA (don’t judge!!!) So, the best way to get away from looking hideous or having to awkwardly bump into people you know, is to GO HOME QUICKLY!!! Which was what I did, my house was only a few blocks away.

3 years braces journey
overbite braces treatment

Second, you wait for your gum to heal…
Due to the added discomfort from the extraction. You orthodontic will recommend the start of braces two weeks to a month after the extraction. There healing needs to take place prior to braces. And trust me that shii is painful!!! I couldn’t eat any thing hard for weeks. I couldn’t even chew bone or meat afterwards. Sigh! I felt like a grandma with no teeth. I was practically swallowing my food.


Thirdly, you fix your braces
July 2nd is a very significant day in my life. lol My birthday!!! And if you know me well enough you’d know I love to plan launching any project or anything significant around that date. So I told my dentist, please I want this braces fixed on the 3rd of July because I want to enjoy my birthday food. Based on the foodie I am!


On the 3rd of July 2014 was one of the happiest day of my life! The excitment of getting that pretty smile overwhelmed me. I am not sure I even slept on the night before. Yes! I was that excited. Before then I had done so much research on how long it will take before I start noticing changes, will fixing it be a painful process, and bla bla bla…


I had friends who didn’t think I needed braces. They’ll say Tega you’re beautiful they way you are. Yes I know I am beautiful the way I am; of course, I didn’t listen, I went ahead. Β I needed to do what was right by me and what will make me happy(ier). Do not let anybody talk you out of doing what you need to do. Trust me you’ll live to regret it. You don not want to look back years from now and say had I known; I wouldn’t have listened to him or her. Do what you have to do because YOU want to do it and not because someone wants you to do it or doesn’t want you to do it. It is not their happiness, it is not their dentition,it is not their smile, they do not know how you feel. Just put them in your shoes and imagine what they will do.


It took about 30 mins or there about to fix. It wasn’t painful but dentists are not gentle. They will just be turning your mouth left and right and using those their equipment with no mercy. I fixed the clear ceramic braces because I hated the look of the metallic braces. Although, it was more expensive and my dentist said the treatment is usually slower than the metallic braces, I did not mind. Most people, don’t even notice I have braces on when I talk until I laugh or tell them.


The dentist warned me not to chew on anything hard but it fell on deaf ears. As soon as I got home the first thing I pick was an apple. Immediately I took the first bite. Boy! Nobody told me.. the pain I felt ran through my brain to my toes but that didn’t stop me. I went to cut the apple into small pieces and managed to chew with the pain. Since that that I have never eaten an apple or carrot full and I miss that!!


After a few hours I began to feel the pressure. It was painful AF! I had to take pain relieve and just went to sleep jejely. I felt the pressure for almost 5 days; it was strange having the braces on for the first few days but I got used it after a few months. Right now, I will feel weird not having braces on when I eventually take it off.

Ceramic braces

After fixing the braces what next?
I’m required to go for monthly cleaning and tightening of the braces. Your teeth is moving backwards so by the end of each month you have to go tighten the metal and change the bands. You feel the pressure for a few days, it hurts when you chew on anything hard, and then you get relieved.


Braces Hygiene
I was instructed to brush after every meal but it seemed quite impossible for me. But seeing my transparent bands turn yellow thanks to our African food made me became more diligent in brushing my teeth. I’m careful what I eat; if I eat fried rice it will turn green, If I eat anything that has palm oil it will turn yellow. sigh! So I brush after any meal, and take my brush everywhere I go. When I am out, I sneak into the bathroom to wash my teeth after eating. Also, I carry took pick in my wallet because everything sticks to your damn braces!


How much does fixing a braces cost?
People of the world!!!!! This braces is my biggest investment yet.

The cost of fixing a braces depends on the type; metal or ceramic, the country and also your orthodontics.
I extracted my teeth for 500 Mauritian rupees each I think. I can’t remember.

Fixing my ceramic braces cost 120,000 Nigerian Naira (Please convert in your currency). It was cheaper in Mauritius than in Dubai and Nigeria. It costs between 600k – 800k Naira to fix in Dubai. So, Mauritius was my best option.

While in Mauritius, I had to pay 6000 Naira every month for tightening and Cleaning. I moved to Dubai and I pay 20, 000 Naira every month. And if in the event that I break any brackets from eating bone or anything hard which I am not suppose to, I have to pay 5000 Naira to replace it. So I am extra careful not to break my brac


3 good years and still on braces!! Why?
My dentist alway says Tega you take one step foward and two steps backwards. I need to be consistent with my monthly visits if I want to get this braces off ASAP. Truth is Money is always the problem. My mum paid for fixing the braces only so I had to take up responsibility from there. I remember sometime in 2015 I didn’t go to the dentist for almost 5 months because i needed to change my brackets which costs 60,000 Naira. But I haven’t missed any month since the beginning of the year. I am in one of the final stages now.

Here’s my progress thus far:
It’s so amazing to see progress, as I have hated my teeth pretty much my whole life! Getting braces was the best decision I ever made!

I started noticing major changes in the 3rd month. Apart from the protruding teeth, I had so much space in between.

You can’t see it that well in the pictures, but I have gaps in my upper and lower teeth from having my pre-molars extracted.

overbite braces treatment
September 2013, Before Braces
overbite braces treatment
July 3rd 2014, the day I fixed my braces
overbite braces treatment 1 month result
3 month braces results.
July , Side profile
April 2015, side profile
April 2017, Side profile
ceramic braces treatment smile
July 2014 Smile
April 2014 Smile
3 years braces journey
July 2017 Smile
Ceramic braces bands
Current stage: This band pulls the front teeth backward and the back teeth forward. It is painful AF!
My mum can't bare to look at the bands. lmao

I’m extremely happy with my progress thus far and even more excited to get my braces are off hopefully by the end of the year. To be honest I do have feelings for my braces!!! Because of how braces have helped to adjust my overbite and hence giving my face a more defined jawline although the Jaw isn’t completely fixed yet. My mum will look at my teeth and say; this braces works like magic o! I can’t believe this is your teeth.


It seems like a forever and painful process but it gets better!!!!! It hurts like heck when u first start but it gets so so much better :’-) & it is totally worth it and worth all the money you would spend!
A nice smile goes a long way and sets a deep first impression on others.
I’m truly glad I’m ‘almost’ blessed with one now.


If you’re still thinking whether to put braces, I’d say granted with the financial capability to, why not! And those with braces on, IT IS WORTH IT.


Thanks for sticking by this long ass blog post. Hope this is useful for those who are intending to get braces in future or those who are just interested in my braces journey. I’ll try to do more updates in future! β™₯

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