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2 Years Blogniversary + A Giveaway for you!!!

Yay!!!! Happy 2 years blog anniversary to 👯👯👯👯👯… technically, my blog clocked 2 on the 16th of January but due to some personal issues, I couldn’t put up an anniversary post on that day. I thought putting up the post today 31st January and announcing my first ever giveaway will be a good way to end the month. Better late than never, right!

2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway

So, to the anniversary post proper…

The beginning

It was August 2014, I had just graduated from uni – was excited to move from Mauritius to Dubai and start a new life. Starting a blog was part of the plan; it’s something I have always wanted but I had some confidence issues and doubts. I wasn’t sure if anyone will read, or if I was going to do it right. The blog was officially launched on the 16th of January 2015 after so much procrastination, indecisiveness and excuses.

2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway

My fears

Honestly, I was terrified of putting myself out there on the internet. Either ways, I’m happy that exactly 2 years ago (16th January), I hit publish on my very first post which I actually backdated to January 1st as I really wanted to launch on the 1st of January 🙈🙈🙈🙈. And look where I am today!!! I’m happy that I stepped way out of my comfort zone and allowed myself to grow in ways that I never expected.  I love it here and I am proud of this little space on the web of mine.

2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway

Growth and realisations

Practice indeed makes perfect – It’s great to see how much my style, my writing and content has improved. I’m still far from being a good writer and a good content curator but I’ve watched myself grow over time and I’m super proud.

2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway

For the past 2 years, I’ve been inconsistent – nonetheless I always come back. I’m happy I realised and learnt from my mistakes and of course I’m making improvements…you can testify to my consistency of late right???

2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway

If someone had told me that blogging would take so much time and effort…Man! I would have thought twice before joining the blogosphere. It should be considered as one of the most stressful jobs ever… yes JOB!! . All I wanted was to stand in front of the camera…change my style…upload…write less than 150 or no words at all and be happy – at least that’s what I thought until reality dawned on me.

Advice to prospective bloggers

Blogging no be beans oooooo like my Nigerian people will say, it ain’t for the weak or the faint-hearted (probably the worse blogging advice you’ve heard 😂😂😂😂😂)

2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway

Some of my favourite posts over the years

2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway


Thank you to all of you who still read my musings, comment here or elsewhere and tell me you love this blog. I am hoping that my blog is going to get bigger and better, and I am so happy that y’all are on this journey with me. From the bottom of my heart, I say, “Thank You!!!” I’m always so happy to hear your encouraging words and appreciate every feedback! ❤❤❤❤

2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway

And to my fellow bloggers; Meron, Biki, Fashionably Idu, Kacheetee, LaraTesh, Bing…just to mention a few. Words can’t express the gratitude I have for each one of you. Your comments, your love, your support is overwhelming. Sometimes, when I read your very detailed and beautiful comments I hold back my tears… for realz! Even though I don’t reciprocate the love very often, you’ll still have something nice to say on each post.  I appreciate you! ❤❤❤❤

2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway

Lastly, to my photographers… the struggle is always real menh! But totally worth it in the end.  LaraTesh, Millikai, Cherie, Kolls photography, 5-12 Imaging. I know I’m probably the worse client you’ve had to work with 😂😂😂 but you will agree that it’s always a fun shoot with me.. (let me take some credit too).. Thank you, thank you and thank you!! I love you’ll soooo much. Cheers to more creative and fun shoots. ❤❤❤❤


I am super excited about this giveaway because it’s my first ever giveaway on the blog. Whoop whoop!! However, it’s not much to offer so don’t get too excited. There will be more exciting giveaways to come.

I’ll be giving away:

Free blog design makeover 

This will include;

  • New WordPress blog design and setup
  • Redesigning your old blog
  • Installation of plugins and widgets

Free 1hr blog consultation

Click HERE to download the consultation session details

How to enter

Step 1

Click HERE to subscribe to my blog

Step 2

Follow me on Instagram @tegaenai and tag 3 of your friends on the giveaway post

Step 3

Leave a comment stating why you want a new blog design makeover or a blog consultation.

Terms and Conditions

For the free blog design, you must have a domain name and hosting or on a free wordpress platform. Blog consultation will be over skype call or any other VOIP.

This giveaway starts Wednesday 1st February and will end at midnight on Friday 10th, 2017.  Two winners will be selected for blog design and blog consultation respectively and contacted via email.  The winner must respond within 48 hours or else another winner will be selected.


2 years blog anniversary and blog design giveaway

Once again, thank you for a great 2 years of blogging, and here’s to an exciting future for us ahead.

Photo Credit: LaraTesh and Millikai

2 years Blog Anniversary: Free Blog Design and Free Blog Consultation Giveaway. Click the link below to enter! Click To Tweet



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  • <cite itemprop="author">Oreoluwa</cite>

    Yay! Congratulations Tega… many more awesome posts to come x
    Oréoluwa’s blog

  • <cite itemprop="author">Ngumabi</cite>

    Happy Blog Birthday my dear
    looking cute
    All the best in the coming years


  • <cite itemprop="author">Ama</cite>

    Cheers to more anniversaries and blessings 🍻🍻🍻

  • <cite itemprop="author">Esther</cite>

    Congratulations Voughs!

  • <cite itemprop="author">Zinny</cite>

    Congrats. Blogging isn’t for the faint-hearted indeed. I wish you the very best with your blog and everything you do!

  • <cite itemprop="author">Skinnybrownie</cite>

    Congrats on clocking two, kudos for sticking around, blogging really ain’t beans but all the same you are still here. I Wish you a successful blogging career and many more years blogging.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Milli kai</cite>

    Yeahhhh congrats girlfriend, keep soaring

  • <cite itemprop="author">Lara Teshola</cite>

    My Love… Congratulations 🎉🎊🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊 Thank you for allowing this amateur photographer take your picture. The struggle for this one though 😂😂😂. Thank you for being an awesome “pelson”. Cheers to many more years of blogging dear 😘😘😘.

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      👯👯👯👯👯👯 Thanks sist… And you’ve graduated from being an amateur ooo… see how fine this pictures are 😍😍😍😍. We should launch your studio ASAP 😬😬😬

  • <cite itemprop="author">En_kay</cite>

    Mauritius to Dubai!!!my dream place(Mauritius)
    Congrats on your anniversary
    And yes,blogging ain’t easy but 2 years later,here you are.
    Keep it up.


    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      😬😬😬😬 Finally the place is just there o! Thanks love 😘😘😘😘😘

  • <cite itemprop="author">Kachee</cite>

    Tega! Congrats!!
    Why did I feel like you’ve been blogging for ever!! I’ll just join you and say Blogging can be so tough, but so fulfilling! Cheers to so many more greater years ahead. And that’s such a great giveaway! Off to tweet! 😘

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Hehe… 2 years is such a long time though. Yes! Blogging is soooo fulfilling.
      Thanks sweetie! 😘😘😘😘

  • <cite itemprop="author">Atinuke</cite>

    Wow! I’m happy for you. Your blog is actually a well developed one in two years! Happy blog anniversary!! Greater and bigger heights.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Divine Kamuche</cite>


  • <cite itemprop="author">'seyi</cite>

    Happy blog anniversary to you.
    I was kindof happy when I saw the giveaway, but when I saw the terms and conditions, I just 😞😞.

    All the same,happy anniversary to

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Thanks Hun… Please still enter for the giveaway. We shall make it work regardless 👯👯👯👯👯

  • <cite itemprop="author">Olaitan Bobade</cite>

    I enjoyed reading this post. Congrats on 2 years and many more to come. The pictures are really nice. Giveaway so creative and helpful. Welldone. Lol @ stand in front of the camera and change your style. Blogging ain’t easy but we gotta keep pushing. Your blogging posts are my favourite.

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Yay glad you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks dear 😘😘😘

  • <cite itemprop="author">Amy Arnold</cite>

    Congrats on 2 years! You are gorgeous!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • <cite itemprop="author">Precious</cite>

    Happy two year blog anniversary! Your blog is so clean and you know how to take the most amazing pictures.
    Blogging is a lot of hard work but when you define your “why”, it is so rewarding.
    Here’s to more amazing blogging days!

  • <cite itemprop="author">BISOLA</cite>

    Congrats dear. Before you know it, it’s gonna be ten years blogging anniversary.
    Great pics by the way.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Dobzi</cite>

    Congratulations on your blogniversary!! My blog is on blogger so I’m guessing automatic disqualification from the giveaway but nonetheless, I love your blog!!

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Thanks dear. Awww sorry about that.. I’ll try organize a give away for blogger users 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  • <cite itemprop="author">TANG</cite>

    Congratulations Tega! Many more years of slayage and correct content. Yes ooo blogging no be beans sha LOL.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Yevandy</cite>

    Happy blogversary!!! Greater heights to you.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Ajibike Oyindamola</cite>

    Oh my! Congrats Tega. Two years! Whoop! Whoop! Keep up the good work. Indeed, blogging no be beans lol.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Demilade</cite>

    Aww happy bloggerversary! These pictures are beautiful, you look lovely. Here’s to many more years! xx

  • <cite itemprop="author">Adeola Adeyemo</cite>

    Just want to say a big congratulations to you. You may not know this but you’re truly an inspiration.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Shona</cite>

    congratulations tega! two years blogging isnt easy. many more succcessful blogging years to come!!!
    you look really beautiful

  • <cite itemprop="author">Tc</cite>

    Congrats Tega.

    Bible says that wisdom brings success; So dear Tega, from the bottom of my heart, i wish you more and more wisdom from above.

    By the way, wey the banga soup wey we take celebrate the anniversary nah? ……….

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Amen! Thanks a lot dear 😬😬😬😬😬. If you know how I’m craving banga soup ehhhh 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫. Now you’ve reminded me. Sigh

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