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Art Fusion Night Event ll Being Anti-social

what to wear to an art event

Hi guys,
Trust you’re great.
Happy New Month!

If I told you tomorrow will make it exactly 2 years I’ve being in this country and I can’t boast of attending at least 5 events you wouldn’t believe it; but that’s the stone cold truth. To think there’s one event or the other happening in this country every single day. Its 2 things (me trying to defend my anti-social self) – I hate to go out alone: apart from awesome events I have missed out on, I also haven’t made a friends, friends willing to go out with me. 2, I’ll admit that I’m not really the social person: you practically have to drag me out of the comfort of my bed and laptop. I’m that one friend that will agree to go for an event with you but pull out at the last minute.
No, I ain’t proud! But…you know…

I’m just caught up in my own world, I’ve mastered the art of entertaining myself so I’m almost never get bored. My mother will say “you don’t know you’re a young girl…you need to go out and socialise…” in other words, people don’t get married by sitting down at home…I mean the husband wouldn’t miraculously find his way to your house.
Hello, we’re in the internet age!
People are getting married through Instagram and Facebook.
(sadly with all the men sliding into my DM I’m yet to find me a bf )

Then again, this internet craze generation will rather snap chat, Instagram and what not rather than socialise almost through out an event – even you at home watching their snaps will feel as though you’re live at the event. To be honest, I’m also a culprit. #snapchataddict
But, I promise you and myself that things are about to change! Tega is turning a new leaf…still a work in progress. I’m going to attend as many events as possible and I’ll share photos from the events here. My life’s about to get interesting. I hate to admit but Its been boring!.

art fusion night

Can you spot Rihanna or Rihanna look alike?

Anyways, I wrote a post (Here) about Art Night Fusion (AFN) last week.
“Art Fusion Night is a social event platform that was created to give the undiscovered and upcoming creative community of the UAE, a legitimate chance to showcase their artistic talents and network with like-minds”.
The event was held on friday at 7pm prompt: no African time for a change. I enjoyed every bit of this event to the point that I had to ask myself if this is all I’ve been missing. #sigh
The event showcased talented artist from across the UAE as well as upcoming artiste. People are indeed talented, almost had me questioning God what my talent is again. . My highlight of the event was the poetry; did I mention I love poetry?? The ladies killed it. unadulterated talent. And of course there was music, the Dj threw in some Naija jams. Kudos to the organisers, they did a great job and to all those who showed up. It was a great turn out. I’m so looking forward to next year edition.
Copy of DSC_3840

art fusion night

art fusion nightart fusion night

art fusion night

He drew that painting right there in about 7mins.

He drew that painting right there in about 7mins .

For my outfit, I wanted to go for a dress, but being an artistic event, I wanted drama; not necessarily but the mustard palazzo was just perfect. Plus I had just gotten the gorgeous chokers and I really wanted to wear it for the event – I consulted my friend Timi (Hey babe…check out her blog here) and she suggested I accessorise by adding a belt and a broach. I dont know about you but I totally loved the outfit.
What do you think?? nailed it or nah! And what will you wear to such event?

how to wear palazzo pants

what to wear to an art event

Selfie Queen

how to wear palazzo pants

how to wear palazzo pants

how to wear palazzo pants

Thanks to my awesome friend for capturing this pictures. Contact him via his blog 512imagingΒ or on IG @512imaging if you need him to cover your events here in the UAE.

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  • <cite itemprop="author">Olaitan</cite>

    The way the colour of the pants is in sync with that of your hair is nice. I could be really antisocial too. Lol, I enjoy being alone.
    Laitanbee Blog

  • <cite itemprop="author">Biki</cite>

    Hon, I’m glad to hear you are getting more social. No one loves my company than me-haha!- but there’s something about dressing up and going to an artsy cultural event. Loooving the African-inspired pics I see here and your wide legged pants are the ish and match your amber ring. SNAP! ( :

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      I’m so glad I did.. I was almost changing my mind. Lol … Thank you Biki

  • <cite itemprop="author">KacheeTee</cite>

    Hahaa you need a social network. I find i’m just often lazy to get dressed and all. If I’m in UAE, i’ll holla at you and drag you out. This looked fun. See what you’ll have missed if you stayed back! || Follow me on Bloglovin’!
    August Recap, Hopes for September

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Haha… Getting dressed is the biggest task ever.. I don’t have what to wear my favorite excuse. It was soo much fun.. Thank you

  • <cite itemprop="author">En_kay</cite>

    I agree with your friend.the belt really worked.
    You look adorable babes…and yes to more event posts

  • <cite itemprop="author">ada</cite>

    i sure love the outfit Tega, as for being social,u know how we would plan to go out and end up planning all day? loool

  • <cite itemprop="author">Precious Nkeih</cite>

    Lol at you almost questioned God about what your talent is.
    You always look so cute! Those pants, the belt and the shirt are errr-thing.
    I could be so anti-social too. I stay in my house cooking and cooking. LOL

  • <cite itemprop="author">Nicole</cite>

    You are not alone. My idea of a well spent night is in my bed. hahha! Love the look, the wide legged pants look good on you.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Idu</cite>

    Totally awesome event. Glad you got to go and you look fab-u-lous! I caught a glimpse of your natural hair and it looks great. I look forward to pictures from your future outings, :).

    fashionably Idu

  • <cite itemprop="author">Wendy Adhiambo</cite>

    I get you hun and am no different, my phone is already an event and i really know how to pass time with it even without realising lol, Also feel comfortable around people I know though I love the food and observing peoples outfits.
    Your outfit was also a major hit and the art is amazing!
    Enjoy your new week

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Lol.. Thank God for IG and the rest else we woulda been bored out of our minds.. Thanks hun!

  • <cite itemprop="author">Chenai</cite>

    I am so glad you got yourself out of your comfort zone. I also tend to try to wiggle myself out of going to places and then shock myself when I have a great time. I love your outfit. The pants definitely were a great addition for the creative look.

  • <cite itemprop="author">Meron Dymphana</cite>

    Gurrrlll, you are literally my kind of people!!! I am the same way and m,y friends be saying I keep this up and Mr Right will have to break in so as to find me and I agree that it is time to change this anti social behavior. On a fashion note your palazzo pants are gold!! The photos look amazing just like you and I can’t wait to see you posting about more events, I will also be doing the same!!

    • <cite itemprop="author">Tega Enai</cite>

      Lol… Mr Right needs to find us asap! So we need to go out more.. Thanks my love.

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