The advantages and disadvantages of being a perfectionist

I decided to update my CV and then I realized that I am indeed a perfectionist. With Tega, everything has to perfect. Some people are perfectionists in only one aspect of their life (such as school or work) while others like me apply their perfectionist tendencies to every aspect of their lives.

The advantages and disadvantages of being a perfectionist

Just the other day, I was designing my CV – Yes, designing! because I have to go extra in everything I do.  I downloaded, reviewed, deleted and edited it more than 5 times for just minor mistakes that might not even be noticeable. The frustrating part was I had to keep renaming the file to ‘Tega Enai CV’, moving it into my document folder because OCD… I have no idea how some people can function having their computer desktops covered with files all over the place. The perfectionist and organizer in me starts screaming in my head when I see something like that.

With every mistake I needed to correct, I kept grumbling and at the same time convincing yourself that what is worth doing is worth doing well. I always insist on getting every single detail the absolute best it can be.

With all that time wasted, I thought to myself; This is the problem of being a perfectionist!

Being a perfectionist comes with both advantages and disadvantages as you may know;

The advantages of being a perfectionist

The advantages and disadvantages of being a perfectionist

High Personal Standards

Perfectionists usually have a nearly impossible standard set for themselves and they strive hard to achieve the goal. Also, it is relatively easy for perfectionists to meet the expectation of others. As a web designer, I go the extra mile to ensure my websites meet a certain standard. This is why it annoys me when I visit a website or blog and see images and text misaligned. I always try to ensure I meet beyond my client’s expectations.

We pay attention to details

It may sound dorky, but perfectionists like me love details. we are very meticulous about the various attributes of what ever activity we are doing. I personally work hard and go that extra mile to add more detail to whatever I do. This is what sets we perfectionists apart from the rest of the crowd. We try to think of details, that the others may not even have noticed before and try to include that in the output.

We are highly organized

Perfectionists have great organisational skills. They tend to set everything in order and try to de-clutter as much space as possible.  Being a perfectionist, I am very particular about where I put things. I can’t stand losing things so I always put things in the same place everyday.

When my brother or mum looses something, I am the first person they ask – In my brothers word, ‘You know you are the only one that moves things around’. Truth is, I only pick and place them where they are meant to be. My first reaction is always, but if you kept this thing where its meant to be, will you be looking for it? Keeping my stuff organized makes it quick and easy to locate them. In fact, I almost never look for anything because I know the exact place I kept it.

Perfectionists Have Great Analytical Skills

Another plus of being a perfectionist is having great analytical skills. We try to think of every scenarios and situations when making a decision or carrying out a project. We’re great at coming up with “What if” questions and thinking about all the different ways one process can impact another. Perfectionists also tend to be deep thinkers and like to brainstorm ideas. If you know me well enough, you would know that brainstorming an idea is one of my favorite things to do.


The Disadvantages of being a perfectionist


The advantages and disadvantages of being a perfectionist


It can frustrate and drive you crazy

The harsh truth about being a perfectionist is that it can drive you nuts sometimes. Spending hours upon hours on minute details isn’t fun for most people (even perfectionists), and only serves to frustrate. I am always scrambling to make a deadline because I spent hours trying to fix something that I could have easily left and moved unto the next. This always stresses me out and gives me anxiety. And whenever I am anxious, I find it difficult to function – some days I feel like just crying out of frustration, other days I just want to say – Screw it! and abandon the job. But I know deep down that I have deliver.

We can be really slow

I tell myself that I am going to finish designing this website today and at the end of the day, I am still designing the homepage. Why!! because I get focused perfecting the current phase before moving on to the next phase of the project. I try to set up time limits on getting a certain work done and there’s nothing I hate more than disappointing my clients. If I tell you your website will be ready today, I try to deliver that day. So, I make a reminder just to reminder of my deadline. This helps the me get the job done.

We do not welcome change

I personally like to do my job in a certain way, and try to exercise control over whoever I am working with. Perfectionists, do not like change or any other factor that can change their work methods and other practices. The best way to combat this, is try to be as open minded as possible and welcome the change. More so, for a perfectionist “good enough” simply isn’t good enough. This can be pretty hard to understand for people who don’t share the ideas of a perfectionist. It can also be frustrating for people if they don’t want to make something perfect and just want to finish it as soon as possible.


Are you a perfectionist? What are your biggest advantages and disadvantages of being a perfectionist in your opinion? 


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  1. Soooooo relatable! As a (recovering) perfectionist, I totally relate. Perfectionism looks cool when fully managed. Otherwise, it’s quite limiting and self destructing

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