Weight Loss Essentials

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Weight loss essentials

I don’t think I have ever met a woman who isn’t concerned about her body image or trying to lose weight. While it isn’t easy, there are a few simple ways to better prepare yourself for success.  Since i am in this journey with you, I want to make sure you’re getting all of weigh loss essentials you need to be successful in all of your health and fitness goals!

Below are a few of the essential things you would need before starting your journey.


To get where you need to go first you need to know where you are at.

Denial is a fierce defence mechanism that can and will sabotage any healthy living or weight loss effort. I know that being faced with “the numbers” can be frightening and discouraging but to move forward it is important to be honest with yourself. Accept what the scale has to say. In fact say it out loud and even tell people. For me speaking openly about my weight instantly give me back the control. Learning and accepting where you currently are with your weight is not easy. However, think of it this way, once you begin your weight loss journey you will never see that number again.


Over the years i have been inconsistent in this journey. One minute I’m in the next I’m out, it has only helped in maintaining my weight but no progression. Progress only comes through commitment. You should adopt strategies that allows you to seamlessly and painlessly embrace a healthy lifestyle. In essence, I have decided to become genuine friends with healthy eating and weight loss.

Before and After Picture

When starting your weight loss journey  it can be tough to know what to do first. No matter what your goals are, taking “before” and “after” photos are key! Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or just tone up, photos are one of the best ways to objectively monitor your results. The scale can only tell you so much and has tons of variables that can easily make the scale go up or down a few pounds. It doesn’t calculate the actual fat you’ve lost or whether or not all those side-bends and sit-ups are paying off for your waistline. Taking a few pictures before, during and after beginning the of your journey, or any new workout schedule, will give you a great visual way to measure your results and a baseline for comparison.

Weight scale

First you have to know your weight and height in order to calculate your BMI. Your BMI would determine the number of calories you are required to eat a day and the number of calories required for you to lose weight. As time goes on, it would be used to track your weight lost. I am obsessed with checking my weight and the result has always be discouragement. Today it shows you are down with few kgs, tomorrow it shows otherwise.  So i have decided to let go of the scale and probably check once in 2weeks ‘if possible’.

Measuring tape

Before you do anything, take measurements. You will want a loose measuring tape. Measure around your widest points of your bust, hips, thighs and upper arms. Also measure around your chest (above your bust),the small of your waist, wrist, neck and legs. Measurements gives you a more defined result as they really show you how your body is physically changing.

Fitness App (Optional)

The fitness App helps you set goals and track your progress. Personally i use MyFitnessPal. Its one of the leading fitness App that provides an easy method to track food intake and exercise activity. In addition to being able to set goals, log calorie intake and physical activity,  let’s you share your weight loss journey with friends—allowing motivation for more success.

Weight loss vision board

Vision boards are inspirational photos and reminders that keep me motivated to stay on track and reach my ultimate goal!  This is a wonderful way to get that focus in your mind, which is often so difficult to achieve.  I believe having your own visual creation displayed somewhere noticeable, can really help you to get on with achieving your life goals. Just remember to look at it often, and keep adding to it, as you come across new ideas and images that inspire you. I would try write a post on how to create a vision board if you do not mind.

Get some support

If you have a friend, family member or partner who is going through the same process as you are, why not do something as a team, to keep each other on the right track? Simply talking about what you want to achieve with someone else will help to cement your goals in your mind, and allow you to gain some focus. It also means you must be committed to not giving up, because you won’t want to let your friend down. If you don’t have someone living nearby who you could partner up with, consider joining up with someone here on the forum for added support, encouragement, and guidance.

However, you should be careful not to get discouraged because:

You all are my support. And i am super glad i have you guys.

Other essentials includes workout clothes (highly necessary), Portion size measuring bowls, Heart rate monitor/calorie calculator, weight loss journal to document your progress and food measurements, and food measuring scale.

Please what other essentials do you think is essential for this journey? Let me know in the comment box below.



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