Help!!! I want to lose weight but dieting is not for me. Are there other weight loss alternatives?

I’ve been on the weight loss journey for as long as I can remember but to no avail.


My mum tells me stories of how I was the sweetest baby ever. In fact they called me ‘ismile’ because I was always smiling – the trick was to make sure I was well fed. O yes! I am still sweet and I still smile a lot… Ok not a lot but I try; I’m a happy child and food makes me happier. 👯👯👯👯


As a baby I was chubby and loved by all; but of course who doesn’t love a chubby looking baby girl. Like DJ Khaled will say, food was the ‘major key’ 🔑🔑🔑 to my silence. When I started feeding myself, I ate with both hands – I still catch myself eating with both hands sometimes. True story bro! This girl like food no be today and like they say old habits never die.

I’ve been called a ‘chubby girl’ all my life. 😅🙄😊 #sigh someone even went as far as googling that chubby girl that blogs from Dubai. This killed me!


Food is not the only problem to be honest because we all have that friend that can literally eat an elephant and not add even 1kg of fat ☹😕😒😏. This is totally unfair! anyway, this will be a discussion between me and God later.


The genes… the fatty genes. Both parents were really slim before they got married then ‘marriage effect’ happened. You know how newly wed couples adds weight in the name of marriage abi? Yes… that’s the marriage effect. My mum takes pride in being very skinny as a young girl she says she had figure 8… no doubts! That her roomies in uni loved her body and will always ask her to catwalk and spin around for them to see #osheybodygoals… yeah yeah she rubs it on my face, heard this story a million and one times.😂😂😔😔


Apparently, they have the fatty genes that they passed on to the children. Not like we’re complaining but you know???? Scratch that! I’m complaining. 😐😑😐😑

Help!!! I want to lose weight but dieting is not for me. Are there other weight loss alternatives?

Believe me when I say I have tried it all but my love for food always get in the way and my slow metabolism doesn’t help either. I have the knowledge of a weight loss coach. No jokes!!! With all my years of research I can help you lose weight. However, I’m like a marriage counsellor that cannot save his/her marriage – That’s my life right there.


Good thing is I know the problem(s).

✔ Food
✔ Fatty genes
✔ Slow Metabolism
✔ Lack of motivation
✔ Self confidence
✔ Food again…

Like they say, the first step is identifying the problem which I have done.


The next step is finding a solution to the problem which I haven’t found. This is a struggle and I know there are others out there facing the same struggle, some have overcome and I want to know how? They say find a motivation but honestly I have none. Another problem is the fact that I’m comfortable in my own skin… when I see my pictures I’m like damn!!! She finnnneeee lol


Now that is a problem!


Just yesterday my mum AGAIN said she knows what she’ll do. She will look for one man for me 😃😃 (you see how she taunts with marriage and weight loss) that men motivates women to do things. Biko, is that true? And Morris (aka my defender of the universe..not all the time though) said what if the man likes her chubby 😎😎😍😍 of course she wouldn’t go about asking the ‘supposed’ man if he likes chubby or slim girls or if he can motivate her daughter to lose weight. But you never know… never underestimate an African mother. I just left them to continue arguing over my matter. Is it their weight loss?


Help!!! I want to lose weight but dieting is not for me. Are there other weight loss alternatives?
Suck belle, make the shirt fine


See ehh,


I have tried counting calories, counting micro nutrients, military diet, the master cleanse that lasted only a few hours, I have spent money buying meal plans and joining weight lose challenges from fitness pages on Instagram (finally, this people are scammers), I have done fruit diet, I have done vegetables diet, I drink 3 different slimming tea, I have bought green world slimming tea, garcinia cambogia pills, ketone raspberry… just to mention a few and oh, I have paid for gym memberships so it’s safe to say I have done it all.


How can I forget this, I have even gone as far as praying to God to spiritually suck all my unwanted fat away. At this point, you’re probably saying Tega just let Jesus take the wheel in your life.


My latest is the Keto diet. In all honesty it works; I lost 6kg in 2weeks when I was serious my motivation then was I was going to Nigeria after almost 3 years and I was going to celebrate my birthday. You know how Naija people can’t mind their business 😤😤😒😒, I wasn’t ready to hear ‘Tega you’ve added so much weight, bla la bla’. To my surprise, I did get good compliments; everybody was like weldone Tega, you look great, you’ve lost weight, and what did you do 😳😳. Ahn ahh! You can imagine how my head was swelling up. Thankfully it didn’t burst. 😂😂🤣🤣

I just realised I’ve written 751 words already…o boy! Hope You ain’t bored already??


The only good thing about falling off and on the weight loss bandwagon is that I’ve been able to maintain my weight… but tbh, I’m a few kg’s above my ‘safe weight’ and it has become worrisome to me. This is a real life struggle! I really do need help. An intervention maybe? 😫😫😩😩


Crazy thing is I have introduced my colleague, my friend, my brother, my mum, my cousin to keto diet and they’ve all been successful but not me which brings me to the question of the day.


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Apart from dieting, are there other weight loss alternatives?


Please don’t mention surgery because I cannot afford it.. lol If I had money Dr. Miami straight. No time! 😬😬😬😬


Honestly guys, what do you suggest? How do I get motivated?


I told the fam that they need to take me to a weight loss boot camp. Maybe that will help. what do you think? Kinda like a rehab where I have only access to healthy food and I have to work my ass out.


Funny thing is they’re all on keto in my house but I manage to find something (not keto compliant) to eat and there’s this vending machine downstairs that literally calls my name. I am seriously considering writing a letter to the management stating 10 reasons why we shouldn’t have a vending machine.


So you also struggle with weigh loss? Have you been successful? if yes what motivated you and what weight loss method did you do?



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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 I laugh enter my bed under. You’re writing a letter for the machine to be taken away? When you will still walk to the mall over there to go get what you want?

  2. Looking good dear
    I have tried using work out apps and I lost weight
    I reduced the intake of refined sugar in all its forms
    The apps I use are for abs work out and squat challenge on play store

    Apart from that I love the way you embrace your body in your photos

  3. you not fat thou! I kinda feel ur pains it can be frustrating a times to loss those stubborn pounds that doesn’t want to go wat I’m using right now 7 I see the changes on my scale and feels my body is the FITNE tea its a detox tea that flush all the sugar-intake off your system makes me feels great. you can try it detoxify your body first by using tea FITNE or you can try black seed oil, cinnamon and pure honey mixed it together and drink it every morning & night for the black seed oil tinz tons of reviews on utube. don’t give up kip strong we will all get there Oop first time commenting hope I’m welcome to ur blog lol.

    • I’ll check for the FITNE tea. I hope it works for me because I have tried too many that doesn’t work. Sigh
      I hate the taste of cinnamon so I doubt I’d try that. However, I drink apple cider vinegar and lemon they and night and it’s quite effective.
      Thanks darling and of course you’re more than welcome to my blog. I appreciate your comment 😘😘😘

  4. Hi Tega,

    I also struggle with my weight..sometimes its goes down but mostly it stays higher than i want it to🙂. I’m really happy you are comfortable in your skin-it makes you look more beautiful and confident👍🏽.If you are ready to lose weight, first you have to identify why you want to lose the weight and how much you want to lose( you mentioned being above your “safe” weight i think…). It doesnt have to be a serious reason-more like something that makes sense to you.

    A workout buddy also helps. I’m kind of a loner so that doesnt always work for me sha but i am more consistent with my exercise when i have one. I love to dance so i do zumba, at least 4 times a week. You can check for zumba videos online. Pick songs that you love and/or usually “shake” to or join a zumba class. You have to be consistent though and dont worry if the weight doesnt appear to drop off immediately or the scale is telling you your work out routine isnt working-check your inches instead, like how much looser or tighter your clothes feel.

    Sorry for the looooooong response-i hope this helps.Good luck!!

    P.S I’m not a weight loss guru or anything like that o🙃😉 and yes it is a hassle remembering to log in calories on myfitnesspal app(thank God i’m not alone).

    • Yea it would have been soo much easier if I had a work out buddy. There’s a Zumba class close by I attended a free trial session and I loved it but they’re so damn expensive so I’d probably just stick to YouTube videos.
      The scale makes me loose motivation. I had to take off the batteries because I was obsessed with checking my weight everyday. My body is good at stalling when I’m on a diet. I use tape measurements now. So you have a great point.
      😂😂😂 I appreciate the long response.
      O my fitness pal is for patient people… not me 😫😫😫

  5. This was an interesting read! LMAOOOOOOO
    You are actually not fat, to me, but I get how you actually feel… I look at myself and see fat too. It is ridiculous.
    I am, however, interested in this keto diet. Hook a sister up, mbok!

    Have a blessed week.

    Oréoluwa’s blog

  6. Loool
    This post had me like this is so me
    But the struggle is real tho
    At this point i am just praying to God and i am
    like i am not asking for too much am i?

  7. Hi Tega,

    I couldn’t stop laughing as I read this 😀

    As I scrolled though your photos, all I saw was a beautiful lady, you are pretty and you’ve got a great body too.

    Mind over matter, there was a time I wanted toned abs and being consistent at the gym really helped. Exercise is great for the body and mind.

    • Hi Dear, thanks a lot. The excess belle fat is actually the major issue 😂😂😂. It’s taking forever for them to fix our gym here. But once it’s done I’d be back to working out.

  8. You have to reduce your food portions, drink lots and lots of water, breathing exercises and squats. I’m a plus size girl,too but ever since since I started doing all the aforementioned, I started losing weight and seeing changes. Remember, water is your best friend. And do not stay around people that do or say things about your weight.

    • I try to drink lots of water. I even got a 3ltr keg that I drink from just so I can measure the quantity I’m drinking but I’m say drinking water is like govt work. I’m still learning to form the habit. Thanks hun

  9. Heeee….see this woman oooo,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,suck belle make shirt fine??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. All I see is a beautiful sombori (somebody), leave belly fat abeg jare, after all the sliming tea,food,e.t.c Asides that, you know how to dress according to your body shape, like you always nail every outfit I see you in, and that’s key, and you got that already checked. And if mum wants to look for a man for you, she should sha find one that you will like and that will like and accept your body.

    Most of all those slim,flat tummy girl that will be oppressing someone upandan, are not HEALTHY.
    As far as the fat you have is not dangerous or cancerous, aunty mi, you are to good.

  10. OoooOOOh I love this topic as I am someone who has been trying to shift her weight, get more toned for years and coz I suffer knee pain, it means I can’t do things I used to like to do like running, going on treadmill in gyms….
    So hon the first thing is you have to be honest with yourself. Is there any thing you like to do that gets your heart rate up- not in the bedroom O- jooooke!
    For example, in my 20s I loved the gym, now I dont, but I still love to dance. When I was in PH I went for my first Naija Dance Fitness class and loved their blend of cardio and African steps and I’ve taken that to Berlin and now I teach monthly classes. My main reason of doing this is to force myself to train and keep fit. I am still not as good with my training but…
    As for food, try and find alternatives, you will always love food so don’t do theses faddy diets, you need to incorporate the way you eat into a long term lifestyle. So find healtheir substitutes- swop sugar with honey for e.g.
    And your ma is right about the guy thing- every gal is different of course, but having a guy I’m interested in kinda keeps me more on track with my fitness goals…
    Ok, have a good wkend hon ( :

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