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Hi, I’m Tega Enai and I’m struggling with food! Funny as it may sound, this is no joke, the struggle is real! Yes I rather call it struggle because as much as I would love to separate myself from food of course not totally, our bond is inseparable. As a kid, I was told I used to eat with both hands like the farmers depended on me to grow more crops. I was a cute and chubby baby, always smiling but why wouldn’t I smile when I had food in both hands [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin” wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy” wrap=”i”]. I was nicknamed “sweet” and “smiles” thank God they didn’t call me foodie! e for no just funny. Not to brag, I was the sweetest baby ever, I a quiet kid with an ever smiling face, chubby cheeks, fat thighs like chicken drum sticks, big belle and a full natural brown hair. Food was the only language I understood and as if that wasn’t enough my dad is a lover of chubby, curvy ladies and expects his girls to be one so he made sure we fed well but mum on the other hand knew that when shakara sets in I would blame them for leaving me to grow bigger. We always had this fat talks and me being a daddy’s girl would listen to daddy after all mum wanted to deprive me from what I loved the most.

Dad: Babe (He calls his girls babe) you looking lean o!
(Of course his definition of lean is not lean in the actual sense)
Me: Mummy said am eating too much and am growing “fatter”
Dad: Abeg go and eat.  Don’t you know you need food to grow? #theultimateblackmail
Mum: (In Pidgin) You know say no be you go marry her abi?
Dad: Abeg leave am make she eat, make e no be like say dem dey suffer.
#typicalurhoboman #ifonlyiknew #ishouldhavelistenedtomum #mothersknowbest #storyofmylife

Of course I listened to dad and let no one come between me and my lover. And then came puberty, I started getting body conscious, everyone from family, to friends called me fat. Even strangers would ask mum if am her sister and mum being mum would tell them the story of my life. Have told her o! She should lose weight, shes just this old and she’s even number 2 I have 2 kids after her #smh #seemylife she takes all the glory of being a hot mum and makes me feel like the old mama youngy (whatever that means though) even when you giving her the “i am embarrassed look” mbanu! mama continues casting you. Then I got into uni where there were a million and one girls in different shapes and sizes i had to compete with to get noticed. Ah! I swear if you didn’t have a banging body in a girls hostel then you would understand this feeling because almost every girl takes her shower outside. Who cares we are all girls, and no I wasn’t a perv I was just admiring God’s beautiful creation with corner eye though so I don’t get into an awkward situation where the babe thinks am checking her out even if in my head am saying “this could be me but I love food too much”. That was my wake up call, I knew I had to murder and bury my food obsession. I decided it had to stop! Say no to food! Say yes to having fat in the right places!

And as long as I can remember, I have been wanting to loose 10kg and 7years down am plus or minus 4kg #sigh. God knows I have tried all sort of diets, I have researched to the extent I can tell the amount of calories a restaurant meal might contain. And yes I workout when am feeling motivated, but I certainly can’t work out to save Africa. Am lazy like that! Even days when I hit the gym, I compensate myself by eating all the calories I struggled to burn out. I start a fresh diet/workout routine say every 2weeks and quit because I notice I have stopped losing weight or I just miss my beloved carbs so much I literally hear them calling me, begging me to feed on them. You know I can spend my last cash on food #amjusttheworse because I must satisfy my crave else the food voice torments me even in my dream. At least, I don’t eat in my dreams before I eat witch craft according to my Nigerian people. God Forbid! In fact as am writing this I can hear the voice of the biscuit I ate a while ago calling me to eat another one (the 3rd pack #coversface). But wetin I go do na? I can’t resist food or sweet mouth forever I mean for few hours. Good thing about my off and on routine is I really don’t add and I don’t lose as well and thank God for waist clinchers, body magic, and what not I feel comfortable hence my reluctance to take the bold step and lose that 10kg that has been stopping me from being great since 2009.

Though, for the past few days I have been telling myself I have to kill this food struggle. I feel like am idolizing food and my life depends on food for one day survival. After all, Jesus fasted 40days and 40nights and survived but in my head I would have died on the second day.
So am coming forth to admit that
And I hope am not the only one that feels this way. So to all my beloved foodies in the same situation
You are not alone. We need to be saved. Someone please help us!

Photo Credit: Dubai Global village dumplings (AKA puff puff) with honey. I swear this dumplings is the truth [wp-svg-icons icon=”happy-2″ wrap=”i”]

Your Basic Foodie.


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  • Henry
    March 23, 2015

    I wish I could have a bite of this Food. I feel anyone who have a taste of it will never hunger again. The Journal is a professional one, I like every bit of it. Nice one Tega….

  • Tobe
    March 23, 2015

    Nice one sis…food lover…lols. I enjoyed every bit laughing all through. I do know you also have the specialty of making sweet food tempting all of us..wink*. oya I cant wait for the next post….kip us informed…muah muah

  • Afia
    March 23, 2017

    I wish I had your structure,I’m more slimmer,I grew up very skinny and was teased in school like no one’s bussiness,people appreciate women who are bigger sized from where I’m coming from,I would say appreciate your structure.

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