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Dubai Fashion Week – Fashion Forward 2016 Street Style

Dubai fashion forward ended a few weeks ago. Sadly I couldn’t attend – I registered as a blogger but they said I didn’t meet industry standards so I had to pay to attend. And with Buhari economy, I kukuma stayed in my house. To be honest I felt a bit bad especially when I saw pictures of other bloggers from Lagos fashion week. I really wanted to attend a fashion week. O well! there’s more to come.

Its no news that Dubai is becoming the global fashion hub inline with it’s vision fashion 2020. Dubai has actually set the bar very high when it comes to luxury clothing, styling and personal grooming. It’s hard to live and work in this city without being bitten by the fashion bug. With all the biggest brands from across the world, Dubai is certainly the place to be.
Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD) is the definitive fashion platform for Dubai and the Middle East, providing development, exposure and a progressive direction for the regional fashion industry. Aka Dubai Fashion week.The event attracts the Middle East’s most talented jewelry and accessories designers, plus those who create stunning pieces of ready-to-wear and couture.

The event surely brought out the city’s most fashionable. I thought to share some of the most memorable street styles from the event.
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In unrelated fashion news:
The world is ‘shook’, social media is blowing up, the Hispanics, the Mexicans (when will they start building the wall), black Americans, Africans, in fact the human race is angry and has woken up to the realisation that Donald Trump is now the president-elect of the United States of America (president of the world). Feels like a dream to the majority. I have a feeling he might exceed the world’s expectation but hey! what do I know about ruling a country. My main concern is our country Nigeria getting better and Buhari giving us the change he promised. Regardless, I was rooting for Hilary because like everyone else I don’t believe Donald Trump with his filter-less mouth is the best man for the job.
P:s – The memes about Nigerians coming back home on IG are sooo hilarious [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin-2″ wrap=”i”] [wp-svg-icons icon=”grin-2″ wrap=”i”].
Were also rooting for Hilary??
God bless America!


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  1. I was rooting for Hilary because her policies were better than his and the fact that she is a woman#feminism! Those memes also apply to Kenyan because there are so many Kenyans out there in the States including my relatives, am just glad my mum came back while Barrack while was reigning, regardless, the meme are super hilarious. About Buhair, he just like all them African presidents,lol! Dubai is definitely a fashion hub and seeing the latest trends on their fashion week is no surprise. I love the camo, florals, the bomber jacket, the sheer trend, mesh trend, fur trend and the denim trend….this is food to the eyes!! Am sorry that they didn’t let you attend but there is also a next time dear!

  2. I want to get paid to travel and see fashion that I love *crying* I love all this styles *sniffs* did you see that scissors ring, the butterfly wings jacket… I also didn’t attend lfdw, totally bumped about it but I’m motivated than ever to start attending fashion weeks henceforth.. May Trump actually work well, his winning came as a surprise/shock to a lot of people. Lol at Nigerian memes, traffic is going to be real if that truly happens 😂😂 .God bless America. God bless Nigeria. God bless humanity ✌

  3. Guuurl, I didn’t know Dubai rocked like THIS. I was seriously expecting conservative looks and for some reason, most people in black. But these pics could have been taken straight out of LDN, I love the originality and quirkiness I’m seeing. Dare I say theses are much better looks than you’d find in Berlin. Hon, I hope the event told you exactly what the industry standards are so you know what figures etc you have to reach for the next one, you’ll get there hon! As for America, we have bigger problems at home sha. ( :

  4. I’m curious as to what industry standards they said you didn’t meet. LOL @ kukuma. Great pictures. I was rooting for Hillary and I’m still in shock. I have a feeling just like you that DT would surprise the world. I mean he already surprised us by becoming the president elect. God help us all.

  5. Tega dear, how you dey nah?

    Please don’t get me wrong; but it’s kinda good that they didn’t let you attend and they gave you that reason. They just challenged you and it’s one of the stories you will tell in years to come when you look back and see how far you must have come by then.

    Mehnnn, that camo is a bae. I don’t know why all this our soldiers will not allow us rock that down here in naija.

    As for DT; hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i had a bad day after the result.

    • Hi dearie! Yea I’m indeed challenged to meet industry standards before next year. So like you said I’m kinda glad they did.
      lol I bet he’ll surprise the world! Let’s just pray for him. Thanks dear

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